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    Forgot about their github or I would have gone directly there. After reading that post and checking the source code again, it appears that the constructor is malformed and that both autoplay and muted are not set correctly. I have added onto that post as it appears to be a related bug. Apparently FF doesn’t care if it is set correctly!

    Thanks for the help cavalierlife!

    Ahhhh. So the conversion script is actually loaded at the end-point?

    Since I am needing the same clarification, I am adding on to this thread.

    You stated above “you are not able to select these items from the plugin settings.”

    However, I have the free plugin installed and am allowed to select ”
    Track conversion in your WooCommerce (v.3.5.6)” and then select a specific product for the script to load on. Of course, like the OP, the script doesn’t show up in the source code. Caching and CDN is currently off, so I know that is not the issue.

    Clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    Will this be fixed for 4.9.8? We are not ready to jump to 5.0.x and the plugin description says it is for 4.6 or higher.

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    Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I’ll try to set up a clone for you to inspect ASAP. May be a day or two before I respond back, though.

    Thanks for getting back to me.

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    As I said, I have contacted them. I would have provided a link, but it would have been pointless as the buy now button was less critical to the site than the required features of Astra Pro, and thus, it [the button] was removed which would prevent you from troubleshooting.

    The issue is simple. When the button was active, the primary menu and above header widget (via Astra theme & Astra Pro, respectively) would not load on product pages. Disabling Astra Pro would allow the menu to load, but not the above header widget as the widget is a function of Astra Pro. Disabling the button instead would result in the menu and widget loading as they should.

    You my be correct in the assumption that the issue is on Astra’s side. However, your plug-in, the Astra theme and Astra Pro were updated at around the same time and rolling back both the Astra theme and Astra Pro did not result in the menu and widget loading on product pages as it should. Therefore, it is logical to deduce that the problem may be on the button side, especially when older versions of all three worked fine together.

    Is it possible to get the prior two versions of the button so I can troubleshoot on my end?

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)