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  • Hi @profilegrid0,

    Fair enough and thanks for the follow-up and implementation considerations.

    Two sites, incidentally, that we have direct experience with that are simple/intuitive enough to use well, and that come close in their own different ways to the idea, might in some regards be both ViewPoint Realty (Nova Scotia, Canada), and Pumpipumpe (see their map beta for example).

    This idea is to have a fast and easy way to 1. register as a member of the site (Buddypress? Ultimate Member?); 2. Then, add info to the map without needing the admin of the site to do so (but have a facility to report abuses of this); 3. Interact with the map and access information from it as both a member and a simple visitor; 4. Somehow encourage and facilitate networking of the members of the site vis-a-vis their respective geographical locations and their info from the map/site.

    There seem to be a few possible WordPress plugins and theme implementations that approach what we are looking for and that we are currently investigating as time allows, such as Geo My WordPress and Geodirectory, but we are as yet unsure.

    One thing I would add, FWIW, that was thought of just now is the idea of somehow getting the democratic software, Loomio, to work within a wordpress theme or as its own theme, perhaps in conjunction with ProfileGrid, if that makes sense to do so.

    Likewise, feel free to ask questions and keep in touch. I’ll be reading. Maybe we can hammer something truly wonderful out together.

    Fair enough, Ankur, and thank you.

    I look forward to it, thank you. I forgot to mention, too, a capability for members to add their own location. I guess it could work with Buddypress. Thanks again.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I second that.

    I am just curious if your plugin allows visitor-submitted locations, such as from a form, and without any intervention from myself. (Would some of that be called ‘front end’ input?)

    Perhaps it would work via Buddypress or ultimate Member?

    Otherwise, would anyone reading this know of a good solution in this regard? I am interested in a global community site.

    Thank you.

    ~ Caelan

    I was curious about this too. Would anyone know of a free plugin that does this? Geo My WordPress or LocateAnything or Ultimate Member with a mapping pluging?

    Tijmen, if you have time of course to respond (otherwise, that’s ok), how soon might you add this feature?

    Thank you.
    ~ Caelan

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    Do you have a site where I could see what you are doing with LocateAnything?
    I am interested in finding out more about what LocateAnything does– for example, users anywhere in the world being able to add a group/store/etc. anywhere on the map where it happens to be, and also be able to view from wherever they are other localities’ stores/groups/etc. anywhere around the world.
    Thank you.

    Hi, I second Sogwap’s question, at least as is thought to be understood:

    Essentially, I would like visitors, anywhere in the world, to the site to be able to register and then to submit a “store” (or group or whatever) location (with details, links and so forth) and have it appear on the map.

    I would also like any site visitor anywhere in the world to view stores/etc. not necessarily in their location. So, for example, if I was in Canada, and was interested in traveling to Australia, I might wish to view stores/hotels/etc. in Australia.

    Is this possible with WP Store Locator, or, if not, would anyone like to recommend a free plugin or more that did this kind of thing and that would work with most any theme?

    Thank you.

    Hi Pioneer Web Design,

    Thanks for the insight, and, while I appreciate what you’re saying, I already more or less know that, hence my question.
    It’s like an alien entering our solar system and asking us Terrestrials what the best planet in the solar system would be for them to settle on…
    I suspect that, with a number of back and forth questions and answers, certain planets could probably be fleshed out and narrowed down, maybe to one, or maybe to none at all.
    So that was/is more or less the idea behind my question.
    Again, IOW, I already get that there are a fair number of planets and significant moons, and that I have certain living requirements that are not going to fit all of them.

    Hi Christophe,

    Thanks for the code, I’ll check it out!

    ~ Caelan

    Thanks, @terrathemes, I’ll look into them.

    ~ Caelan

    Hi @terrathemes,

    Thanks for the help and insight.
    I will implement your header font sizing code in the mean time and, time permitting, look into another slider, since, if understood correctly, Meteorite theme allows for that.
    If it works, I will re-enter this thread, mention it and maybe with some additional info and, if you think it makes sense, mark the issue as resolved.

    ~ Caelan

    Your site’s looking great, Christophe. The pink and the animated link underlinings are nice!
    And agreed about the snippets– I’m learning a bit already!

    ~ Caelan

    Hi @smokerm,

    While I am new to WordPress, before someone can get to you with a response that may be more likely to work, I will fashion a guess for you…

    Display the sub page titlebar and right-select it’s area (to get the ‘inspect element’ feature that is at least in Firefox) to see how it is displayed in the CSS or PHP code.
    Once you have that, you may be able to then go to the Customizer again and to custom CSS and add that code in with ‘display’ set to ‘none’ or something along that line.

    ~ Caelan

    Hi @terrathemes,

    Thank you very much for your new code. It works perfectly and goes some ways toward lending a simple, fluid, (though not too fluid with parallax ‘all over the place’, so to speak) ergonomic and pleasing layout. I like how the menu at the bottom helps to ‘ground’ the site and add more info without clutter, as well as ‘introduce’ or ‘sweep’ the ‘transition’ into the next section.
    I tried quite a few themes, incidentally, including with, less commonly, menus on or near the bottom as preferred– including WordPress’ own Twenty Seventeen– to less avail, and was getting quite weary and dissatisfied until Meteorite came along and ‘hit’ me, such as with its subtle yet effective ‘kit of integrations’, minus kludge or $-begs.

    Thanks, too, for the added information and insight regarding CSS and so forth, it’s appreciated, and of course might add in helping others who might arrive later to read the threads.

    ~ Caelan

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by permaea.

    By the way,
    I really like how, when you select the search magnifying glass with the menu lying on the bottom, the menu gets pushed up just enough to reveal the search input field.
    It makes me wonder what will happen with nested menus. Will they pop up or down, pushing the menu up? ‘u’

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