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  • As far as I could see, it was free…but you should have a good plan for security in place…I installed these two items and had INSTANT security issues.
    Might be coincidental, but as with any plugin, there is a risk of vulnerability.

    So…here is what I have discovered as well.

    In your network dashboard, you have a primary domain…it’s labeled.

    This is the only domain which can create new sites.

    So you create the new site in the primary domain…move it over to the network you want to use it in…rename it in that network, if necessary to maintain branding…and then map the domain.

    I am using a godaddy Business hosting server plan (Cpanel Linux) which comes with a dedicated IP address, but the IP does not resolve to the root folder.

    To map it, you have to add the domain in Cpanel and point it at the root directory…which should be /public_html

    Is it a lot of steps?

    Will it be “automated”…nope. And I honestly think it shouldn’t be at this level and at this point of where I am working because in order to automate it all, I would literally need to invest around $4500 to bump my hosting plan up to a dedicated and fully managed server…or…hire two or three devops.

    Anyhow, at the learning point I am at right now…this is how it works for me.

    Did you change your website settings under Settings>General so that your site name and location both say
    Instead of just http:// ?

    Ok, thanks.
    If you spot the Force SSL box somewhere, can you let me know?

    Wait…You can enable Guest Checkout on the Accounts & Privacy page.
    I still can’t find the Force Secure Checkout on the Advanced Tab…it’s literally not on my site.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)