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  • Under Plugins->amr users->Settings, I see General, About (4.26), Your user db, and News tabs across the top. What should I be looking for there? I don’t see anything under any of those tabs that says anything relating to “find field settings”.

    Do I perhaps need one of those “Add ons” listed under “User Lists” since we are using the s2member plugin? Or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong section or missing something obvious about being able to see what format that “wp_6pnme9_s2member_last_login_time” field is being stored in.

    The “user_registered” field does display nicely though.

    UPDATE!! It’s working now-:)

    Thanks @therealmiked.

    Curious to hear what DreamHost finds. My sites — both the prod ones that are still getting the error message, and the dev ones that aren’t seeing it — are all on DH. Seems odd that only the prod ones are blocked??? I’m gonna wait until you give us an update before opening a ticket with DH. I had a Chat session with their tech support a week or so ago. It ended up that they didn’t find anything and their saying I had to Contact WF support.

    I have 2 production sites where this error message shows. Interestingly, the dev/test sub-domains for each has no problem. I updated both prod sites to the latest version.

    That didn’t fix it so I deleted both their rules.php files per instructions above. A few minutes after doing so a zero byte rules.php file was created in the /wflogs folder but the message was still there. I then tried the Manually Refresh Rules button – no luck. Then I tried the “No rules currently set. Click here to pull down the latest from the Wordfence servers.” link right above that button but got the same error message.

    I’m going to try uninstalling/re-installing it on one of the sites.
    Any other ideas I should try out?



    Yes, I rebuilt the cache every time I changed the date format to those 3 different options. I’ll root around in the documentation a bit later today for your “find field settings” suggestion. I recently “inherited” this site so I’m not really up-to-speed with your plug-in…as you probably can tell-:)

    ??? How did what work out? Not sure what you’re referring to. I’m still looking for a solution that will let me have the Next/Previous navigation on the events page when I filter by category. I looked at that single-event.php file but I don’t know enough php to decipher its references to the navigation when the /<category-name> is used to display just a certain category of event.

    So I’ll just limp along with the custom css code I mentioned in my 2nd post above.
    Oh well…still learning!

    @afragen — that was a late-night oops!! Sorry about that. Please close or delete this thread if possible as I did post it over there after catching this.

    @hage — thanks for the follow up but I posted shortly afterwards in The Events Calendar forum here that it’s possible to do so with just custom css. I am still hoping to modify the single-events.php page so if you do know how to do so please post a reply — over there, of course-:)

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    Did you check out their article here about filtering by Category”?

    Thanks, Ed! I’ll definitely check out that single-event.php file. I’m just starting to learn php so it will be a good learning experience. I already removed the next/previous pagination via that custom css I mentioned in my follow-up post.

    But it would be a lot nicer looking and more user-friendly if those pagination links were there but only showed the category of events the user selected. Do you think that is something that can be done in that file?

    Thanks again!

    Sorry for the typo above! I didn’t mean “Category=” but rather “events/category/<category-name>”

    Also, I think I may have figured out the css code to remove the links but I am definitely NOT a css programmer so I wanted to run them by you in case it’s not possible to just filter on the category. This is what I added in my test environment and it seemed to work OK. Not sure if it might screw something else up though-:)

    .tribe-events-nav-next {
    display: none !important;
    .tribe-events-nav-previous {
    display: none !important;
    .tribe-events-back {
    display: none !important;

    Thanks again!!

    Sorry….meant to post this in the Events Calendar forum!!
    Please delete it, if possible. I just marked it as resolved.

    Yes, that snippet worked perfectly! Thanks, Ed.

    Hi Barry,
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I meant the comment about putting in a Waiting List feature for the Registrations for Event CalendarPro by RoundupWP. Craig and I have been trading emails about adding that feature to his plugin. Apologies for the confusion — it must have been a late night-:)

    I’m going to load up this latest version of the theme on my dev site later tonite to test it out first. Hopefully it will resolve an issue I posted a question about on the T4P Support forum.

    Romik responded to me a few minutes ago and it sounds like he’s back at it.

    I’ll post an update after the upgrade. Fingers-crossed!

    Really sorry to pester you again but I think this might be an oversight. If I setup an event and it gets filled, the message saying “Registration is closed” shows up as expected.

    But…it also shows up on that Event page and there is no longer an option for a person to Unregister. Maybe it’s late and I’m missing something silly? How does a registrant unregister after the event is filled and “Registration is Closed”? Do they have to send me an email asking me to do it manually?

    I’m getting close…almost ready to roll this out-:)
    Just have to work out these nits that are stoppers.

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