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    show it to us… 🙂

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    hi, hope i do not disturb or bother any of you.

    Seems -to me- that both of you have valid arguments.

    The autor is 200% right since with css you can make the trick.

    But is also true that this is not an option for a non coder, you know CSS is “easy” to learn, hard to master… and in any case it requires time and frustration (sometimes) digging into someone else code…

    And, in any case, what natostanco is asking for do not guarantee of success.

    but there is always a “but”…

    In many cases it could fix the issue, sometimes the cascade (the C of CSS) works, just sometimes.

    I think that with a bit of JS coding you can make something like this

    Custom HTML tag? []

    if the user select that option (s)he can insert the tag.

    And then you may go in to ways

    1. the user could select from a dropdown menu (or equivalent), so the widget just has to add <selected-tag> before and </selected-tag> after.

    2. the user could write the code to add before and after… in this way… well you can do a lot of good tings… and messy things too.

    May be a non expensive premium version?

    In any case i have no doubt that 2046 deserves our gratitude.

    elegant builder is not responsive…

    I will, thanks

    you knor your plugin is a great tool for 3rd world free lancer just like me, now is almost impossible to by anything in dollars or euros (it may change in a couple of years, alway go up and down)

    by the way the fact is that i (and I am not the unique) uses really old machines… XP was brand new… and the javascript makes my old lady suffer (thanks for the option to disable animation)

    BTW it would be easer for low power PCs… and may be other devices

    You have to make a theme club…

    2) A lot of people requested the ability to show more than one post/page on a particular URL. This wasn’t possible before because different posts/pages used the same IDs.

    didn’t knot it was possible…!


    I just want to say, that you have so many request because YOUR plugin is great, Visual composer and ether builder may have more… own widgets… but yours simply works…

    even in themes that has and very different approach (KISSO: keep it simple site origin)

    i made a theme… it works
    i made a theme with genesis… works
    used in a themes kingdom theme… works
    used in an elegant theme… works

    a working plugin!

    out of topic, sorry, but i wanted to say thank you

    if you are willing TB for the layout, y must agree with Greg.

    unless you are thinking in something… like rock and roll!

    imagine you can create tabs (just an example), or accordion… with site origins page builder.

    and then… you can define the content of each tab with SOPB in the way we love…

    uffff!just imagine that!!!!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)