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  • I’ve also reproduced this issue on a clean install of the latest WordPress/Woocommerce/Twenty Seventeen combo – is there a solution yet?



    Just discovered I could output to html – from there I was able to inspect and resolve this issue.

    Hi Justin,
    Thought I’d offer some constructive feedback regarding my decision to switch.

    I feel like your steadfast choice to always remain backwards compatible has caused a lot of compromise and complexity that probably takes up a lot of your time putting out fires, time that could have been spent developing something great. If you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

    Woocommerce is relatively new, built from a clean slate, and lots of developers are supporting it with great plugins and the documentation is excellent. Of course I’m sure I will discover it’s flaws at some point but first impressions are impressive. I see you’ve been contributing to their development too so I’m sure you’re well familiar with the product and could enlighten me on any shortcomings?

    My main turning point was the issues I’ve had with the checkout form. It’s been a nightmare. Unfortunately you didn’t follow it up so I assume you’re focused solely on 4.0 and theme engine v2? I saw a comment on Git from Dan suggesting the sooner you ditch theme engine v1 the better, so from that point I lost a lot of confidence and unfortunately can’t wait for v2 to be released and all the bugs ironed out.

    I still have another client using WPEC so I’ll keep an eye on the updates and see how things develop, but for now I’m going to give Woo a damn good test.

    As a temporary fix I created a new coupon called “No Coupon” with a value of $0.00 and added a new button labelled “Remove” next to the coupon field. When clicked it will apply the “No Coupon”, which resets the cart back to normal price. It’s a bit of a hack but it works.

    In the meantime I’ve just about finished migrating to Woocommerce. It is so much better than WP eCommerce.

    Hi Justin,
    I sent you an email the other day with login details for testing, I assume you got it okay? I’m also about to send you another with a link to some screen recordings of the issues in action.

    In addition to the cart errors, the other concern is that customer billing details are only being saved when the order is submitted, or if entered in their profile, but 2-3 days later they are gone again. They login and there’s nothing in their profile and therefore the checkout doesn’t auto complete, so they have to enter everything again which sometimes then triggers the checkout issues.

    Cheers, Grant.

    I have created a fresh ‘vanilla’ install of WordPress and WP eCommerce using Twenty Fourteen theme, tested, and managed to reproduce the problem.

    It seems to be inconsistent, i.e. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, however I have managed to reproduce the following issues multiple times, and more often than not:

    In checkout
    1) delete my surname in the billing details (required field) and submit order, get validation error; enter my surname correctly and submit order but get validation error again.

    2) delete my surname in the billing details and submit order, it accepts the order.

    In account profile
    1) enter my surname (which was blank after deleting it in checkout), save profile, page refreshes but surname field is still blank.

    2) change name but leave cursor in the text field, save profile but name doesn’t change.

    Last night I had quite a few customers encounter these issues again. The main problem is that they get to the checkout and the form is blank, whereas previously it would remember their details, so they have to type everything in again which then triggers one or more of the above issues. Customers whose details are saved in the checkout form can submit their orders no problem.

    I sense that some customers are getting a little frustrated so I’d appreciate it if you can give this some priority. Hope the info supplied helps.

    Hi Justin,
    Yes the database tables have already been repaired using phpMyAdmin (the WordPress method didn’t work). I’ve also checked my error logs and didn’t see anything there.

    The users are not tech savvy but I’ve checked the records and two of them are using MacOSX Safari v5, one using MacOSX Safari v7 and one using an iPad (assume the browser is Safari). However, other customers are using Mac/Safari without issue.

    I just logged into the affected customers and again the billings details appeared to have been cleared since their last order, however one customer’s details were saved okay.

    Now for something weird:
    I also just managed to reproduce the form validation error as follows:
    – I added a product to the cart and went to checkout.
    – my billing details were already filled out, so I deleted my surname which triggered the validator error when I submitted the form.
    – I then entered my surname and submitted the form, but I got the validator error again even though it should have accepted it.
    – I repeated the above – deleted name and got error, but this time when I re-entered my name there was no error (worked as expected).
    – Now… after taking a break I went back to try to repeat the test again, only this time after I deleted my surname and left the field blank, the form processed and went through to the payment processor when it should have thrown an error!

    There were no errors in the javascript console while performing the above test, and I was using Chrome on Mac.

    I see there were substantial changes to wpsc-user_log_functions.php which includes the form validation so maybe that’s got something to do with it?

    I can’t replace the theme files at the moment as most of this week’s orders come through today/tonight. I’ll test them either tomorrow or Friday.

    Marking as resolved. Great support, thanks!

    I’ve done this with a list of products for a one page order form as follows:

    1) Each product was created as a check box with the price added in the “Checked Calculation Value” field.
    2) I add a Number field next to the product for the user to enter the quantity.
    3) Repeat the above for multiple products if required.
    Note; the above do NOT have the “include in the auto total” checked.
    4) Create a Subtotal field, select the calculation method as “Use an equation” and enter an equation such as:
    (field_1 * field_2) + (field_3 * filed_4) + (filed_5 * field_6)
    where field_1 is the product ID and field_2 is the quantity ID.
    Select the “include in the auto total” checkbox.
    5) I added a list field for selecting a shipping option/prices, with “include in the auto total” checked.
    5) Finally I added a Total field and which automatically added the subtotal and shipping for the order total.

    Hope that makes sense?

    Same thing happened to me, upgraded and lost all polls, database tables are all empty. I had to revert to the old version and import database tables from a backup.

    Interestingly it looks like v5.0 creates it’s own set of tables prefixed ‘yop2_’ so I don’t know why it emptied the old tables as well?

    Thanks Jeff, there was an error and it was caused by an edit I had made to the confirm text message. All sorted now.

    Yes that fixed it for me, thanks.

    I’ve got this problem too with 3.1.2. I suspect they’ll need to release an update once they find the problem.

    I’ve got around this by adding a title “Choose currency:” as the selected option in the pull-down. Eg:
    $output .="<option selected='selected'>Choose currency: </option>";

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