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  • Thanks Chris!

    At least it’s in the works :'(

    I think what I’ll do is clone the repository on GitHub, and just use the API there. It’s double the work (not really), but it sure beats making a CPT and manually updating the version number etc lol. Thanks!

    Thanks a bunch, couldn’t really get any conclusive answer there so I’ll just assume the answer is no.

    Oh ok I see – you have the sidebar on the right which is taking up the space. Two things you can do:

    Here’s the quick-n-dirty way of doing it. If you’re not comfy doing this, let me know.

    1. Go into the admin
    2. Appearance > Editor
    3. Make sure you have “style.css” selected.
    4. Make a backup of this file onto your harddrive somewhere (copy/paste)
    5. At the VERY bottom add the following:

    .right { display: none; }
    .left, .page { width: 100%; }

    That will get things going for you. If you did this right now, it would work but affect the whole site. So in order to specifically target the forums, you’ll need to target it via PHP. Hard for me to say exactly where, but you’ll need to open up page.php and look for the line that says
    <div id="container" ... >
    and change it to:

    <div id="container" class="<?php blog_class(); ?>" ...>

    Now remember those two lines we added to the css file? Change them to this:

    page-id-### .right { display: none; }
    page-id-### .left, page-id-### .page { width: 100%; }

    where ### is the ID of the forums page.

    Backup before you do anything. You’re only messing with 2 files, so it’s easy to revert if it does break.

    Let me know what happens!

    In the backend:
    1. Settings > Discussion > uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles”

    That’ll disable it for new posts/pages. If you have existing pages with the comment box showing:
    1. Go to Pages
    2. Click the checkbox next to Title to select all pages
    3. Change the “Bulk Options” dropdown to Edit
    4. Click Apply
    5. Change Comments to “Do not allow”

    Hmm, looks like you’ll need to change the CSS. Do you have a link to the site without the full width? I might be able to point you in the right direction if I can visually see the problem.

    I have no idea how changing “hidden” to your first name could possibly work…most likely you’re going to be hurting yourself in the future.

    Whenever something that is controlled through JavaScript just stops working, it is most likely a result of a JavaScript error somewhere (plugins, etc). Check your JavaScript debugger in Chrome/Safari/FireFox and click the JavaScript tab. There is most likely an error. (right-click > Inspector > JS Tab)

    Let us know the error message your getting. You really shouldn’t be going into the wp-admin folder – as whatever you fix now will break in the next update when the file gets overwritten.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “you changed the subjet”. If you changed the folder name you’ll need to change it back.

    Also, you’ll need to give us a bit more information like a link to the site, the error message you’re getting (if any), etc. Hard to know what you mean…

    Yep. If the new site is located within the same domain (either as a subdomain or subdirectory) you’ll be able to simply link to the database just as you would with your existing site.

    Assuming you have WordPress installed in the root:
    1. Create a page called “Blog”
    2. Go into Settings > Reading
    3. In the first option “Front Page Displays”, check “A static page”
    4. For the front page, simply select your home page
    5. For the posts page, select “Blog”

    From there you should be able to type If you don’t assign the “Posts Page”, then WordPress doesn’t know where to display them. All your posts are being shown on the homepage (root) because by default that’s where WP displays them!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)