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    Thank you. That worked great!

    Or is there a simple way to export all the event data, reinstall Events Manager from scratch, and reimport the data? Would that work?

    I’d really like to know if you found a solution. I just migrated from multi- to single-site. The events are all there and display on the web site, but Events Manager seems to be broken:

    • There’s no longer an option to see a list of events or locations in wp-admin
    • There’s no longer an option to edit an event in the black admin bar when you are viewing the event
    • Although you can view comments related to events in the comments section, you can’t approve|edit|delete|etc. the comments. The option-link bar no longer appears for comments related to events (it appears for comments related to posts as it should)

    It seems to be fundamentally broken.

    Any ideas what can be done with this? Are there some mysterious rows in wp_options or something that need to be transferred over, which may have been missed since I only imported wp_multi_2_options (not the actual table name, but you know what I mean)?

    The rest of the site is working fine.

    I take that back. PHP 7 is not the issue at all.

    I migrated my site from multi-site to single-site, and this has really messed up Events Manager.

    I’ll submit a separate ticket.

    My host just upgraded to PHP 7.0, and the Comment options have disappeared for all comments made to Event Manager events. These options appear for comments made to posts, but not to events:

    Unapprove | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash

    I have the same problem.

    My question is, What’s the best way to override Event List’s functionality to get it to do what I want it to do? The issue bigwolfdesigns raises is the big obstacle. I need the links to go to the event detail page directly.

    At this point, I could rewrite your plugin (making it not suitable for future upgrades or try to override it in my own functions.php.

    I chose your plugin over many others, because it appears to be the most promising in terms of simplicity and customizability by developers. It’s amazing how complex and inflexible so many are. I want to say how useful it would be to have a more developer-friendly event plugin that allowed infinite customizability through an API of some sort. Not sure if that’s what you had in mind…?




    I wanted to upgrade you to 5 stars, but this stupid web site won’t let me.



    You’re right, and I want to amend my comment. Turns out it was my non-tracking browser plugins that were causing the problems.

    To my knowledge, your plugin is impeccable.

    Thanks, socialdude,


    Thanks, Ipstenu! This is the first explanation I’ve found that got to the heart of the issue.

    So, do you see any problems with this approach:

    1) Transfer all files from blogs.dir/2/ to uploads/sites/2/
    2) Replace the guid’s with /[subsite name]/blogs.dir to /uploads

    QUESTION: Is there any reason to keep /[subsite name]/ in the guid since it’s redundant with having the subsite id in the path?

    For some reason (perhaps my not fully informed mind when I created this site), I have ‘files’ in the physical directory structure:

    I can get rid of that, right?

    And yes, no image files are displaying in the media gallery. I’m hoping they reappear when I build up from a fresh multisite install, and getting all the guid’s and the physical locations in line with 3.8 standards.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Using FireBug, I’m seeing that the images are being located like this:

    <img draggable="false" src="">

    But the file actually exists here:

    <img draggable="false" src="">

    Somehow the translation is not being made from the subdirectory child site name to the blogs.dir location…?

    There’s clearly something amiss with the .htaccess file. But there seems to be more to it, since some images are in one system and others are in another???

    Any one able to help with this?

    Some of my child site’s media files are stored in /wp-content/uploads and others are in /wp-content/blogs.dir/[site_id]

    And it’s disconcerting that the media gallery has totally disappeared from the child sites.

    I have no idea where to begin with this.


    This happened to me, too. The whole media library is blank in multisite child sites.

    Any solutions?

    I concur with nelmwp, there are some major changes to the way media file uploads work in the latest (3.8) WordPress release. My child site featured images in multi-site installs are now broken.

    Also, in the admin area, the media gallery is now empty in child sites.

    Pretty sure this is a bug. Any WP team members here who can verify this?


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