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  • Yep I had checked Spam and it was not in there. It seems odd that I would receive email notifications some of the times, and other times not at all. What configurations exactly can I check to see why some emails are not coming through?

    For the debug log, I would be happy to give you hosting access via phone. What number can I call to provide this information?

    ps. When I go to “debug logs” on the plugins dashboard, I see this message:
    “We are not able to write to the /home2/thedsttp/public_html/wp-content/ctct-logs/constant-contact-errors.log file.” Seems like the ‘debugging’ feature is not working either. However, my main priority to get this site live is to get the email notification being sent 100% of the time. Only works a handful of times right now. Thanks!

    Hi, I am also encountering the same issue. I have v1.4.5 of the “Constant Contact Forms For WordPress” plugin. When I submit information on the Contact Us webpage (link below), the Contact webpage says it is submitted, and contact gets added to the correct list in my Constant Contact account, BUT no email notification is received from the form submission so I do not get the user’s “message” from the Contact form. Sometimes the email notification comes through hours later, but most times the email notification NEVER comes through.

    Please help! We need to push the website live and this is the only feature NOT working. If it doesn’t get fixed asap, we will need to use a different contact form plugin.

    Here is contact form webpage (debugging is turned ON in the plugin’s settings):


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)