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  • Hi, I’m having this same problem, and I don’t have the plugin EIO.

    We’re using WordPress to support press releases, and so we have to import old press releases before we can start using WordPress to publish new ones. I have a script that takes the old press releases and convert them into csv files. They are chunked up into csv files of 100 rows per file (not counting the header row), all of post_type “post”.

    I’m generating the post_id sequentially in my converter, and for some reason I’m getting this error in many of the files, and the rows that it occurs are random. However on some of the files when I import them again some rows that had the error become successful.

    Just for clarity, here’s an example of the output in the importer:

    4. The post id 5303 is exists, but post types does not match.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)