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  • I take it the UM guys do not read forum post. 😕

    I also updated the Woocommerce add-on. All I found was to comment out the add_filter in the class-woocommerce-account.php file.

    //add_filter( ‘um_account_content_hook_downloads’, array( &$this, ‘account_downloads_tab_content’ ), 10, 2 );

    Surly there is a better way…..

    Ok let me know if this is correct. The recipient “Member” is title only and these send to all no matter the account role?

    So a new account would be set to Guest and they would get the Account Welcome Email even though “Member” is shown as the recipient.


    * @param $item
    * @return mixed|string|void
    function column_recipients( $item ) {
    if ( $item[‘recipient’] == ‘admin’ )
    return UM()->options()->get( ‘admin_email’ );
    return __( ‘Member’, ‘ultimate-member’ );

    I’m using version 2.0.35

    Hi thanks for the reply. I had some issues when I first setup UM and Woocommerce with regards to setting up a member account. I deleted the first member role I created and made a new one. I now noticed that the role is being shown as member-2 in some places. It does not seem to be giving me any other problems that I can tell.

    You think if I backed up the DB I could then edit all that I find member-2 to member ?


    I got it to work but I think there is a bug in updating User Roles. If I make a change and update it all associated member roles listed under Community Role is removed leaving it blank. If I trash the UM Role I just saved and then restore it the Community Roles are restored.

    Ok some how by trashing the “Member” I created that was now showing 0 members and then restoring it the number is 46 and the Community Role has been restored.

    It is back the way it was except I’m still not able to view members profiles that are listed in the member directory. It’s still taking me to the home page.

    I just looked at the User Roles and it’s listing 0 members even though we have many.

    IT shows I have 18 Guest.

    Under Users in admin the Community Role has been cleared for all memebrs?

    Hello I have the same issue but it’s not cause by any code I have added.

    Today I was able to click on users profiles in the member directory and it would show their profile by taking me to http://{website}/user/{username}/ My client was wanting to add a search field to the member directory so I was looking in admin to see what was offered.

    I went to Ultimate Member >> Member Directories >> and the only directory I have titled Members. After trying out the Search Options I found it was not what they were wanting so I turned it back off. The problem now is that the Role I created “Member” is no longer in the list “User Roles to Display”. Also when I click on a member in member directory I’m sent to the home page.

    I sure hope you can help.

    Correction. It’s hiding the buttons from people looking at others page but I need to remove Product Reviews from all pages.

    I have another issue based on the same problem with Country. All the fields I made for the default Registration (same as Default Profile) are not in order in admin under user profile editing.

    I’m using;

    function tm_additional_contact_methods( $fields ) {
    	$um_fields = get_option('um_fields');
    	foreach ($um_fields as $key => $value){
    		if ($um_fields[$key]['type'] != 'block'){
    			$fields[$key] = $um_fields[$key]['title'];
        return $fields;
    add_filter( 'user_contactmethods', 'tm_additional_contact_methods' );

    I’m not able to get the Country dropdown select to list doing it this way. Do you know of another way so I can get it to work?

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by nathaniel45.

    revised the code just given. I had a few issues where add_error($um_fields[$key][‘title’], was not matching up correctly. I changed it to add_error($key . I also edited the error note to match how it looks on the registration page.

    $um_fields = get_option(‘um_fields’);
    foreach ($_POST as $key => $value){
    if (array_key_exists($key, $um_fields)) {
    if ($um_fields[$key][‘required’] == 1 && ( strlen(trim( $value ) ) == 0 ) ) {
    $ultimatemember->form->add_error($key, __($um_fields[$key][‘title’].’ is required’,’ultimatemember’) );

    Update/edit to my last post;

    You can add this code instead. It looks for all fields that are set required and sets the validation note. This way you don’t have to hand code each.

    $um_fields = get_option(‘um_fields’);
    foreach ($_POST as $key => $value){
    if (array_key_exists($key, $um_fields)) {
    if ($um_fields[$key][‘required’] == 1 && ( strlen(trim( $value ) ) == 0 ) ) {
    $ultimatemember->form->add_error($um_fields[$key][‘title’], __(‘This field is required.’,’ultimatemember’) );


    There are a few issues so far. For one the fields do have the order that that is set in the registration form so for me the extra spaces and titles I added last are list at the bottom. I have not found how they store the ordering yet. I guess I could clear the form and re-enter the fields in the proper order.

    The other issue is the required fields are not being checked. I have found a way to have it check but you have to edit the um-actions-account.php code.

    *** @validate for errors in account page
    function um_submit_account_errors_hook( $args ) {
    global $ultimatemember;

    and under

    if ( email_exists( $_POST[‘user_email’] ) && email_exists( $_POST[‘user_email’] ) != get_current_user_id() ) {
    $ultimatemember->form->add_error(‘user_email’, __(‘Email already linked to another account’,’ultimatemember’) );

    add your fields you want required; i.e.
    if ( isset($_POST[‘City’]) && ( strlen(trim( $_POST[‘City’] ) ) == 0 ) ) {
    $ultimatemember->form->add_error(‘City’, __(‘You must provide your City’,’ultimatemember’) );

    It would be nice if they would just fix the thing. For now I’ll be looking at other plugins that may work more to my needs.

    So are you wanting the options you have in your registration page to show up on the “general” account page? If so, I too have been trying to find a way to do this. I have been going thought the code to see if there is a quick fix and I think I have found one.
    In the ultimate-member\core\um-account.php file. Find case ‘general’:
    $fields = $ultimatemember->builtin->get_specific_fields( $args );

    $um_fields = get_option(‘um_fields’);
    $fields = array_merge ( $fields, $um_fields);

    Now I have not fully tested this yet but for now it seems to work.

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