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  • Hi @wpcodefactory,

    I post in this thread because I got the same problem here.

    I although use Login / Signup popup plugin to manage login and register on my Woocommerce Websites.

    Your plugin works great if user click on the activation link (thank you for your plugin btw), but if I try to login an unverified account (and some users will…), I got the error message with your %resend_verification_url% URL.

    This URL is : [site_url()]/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?alg_wc_ev_user_id=xxx

    I got WP_DEBUG activated and the logs doesn’t show any messages (I checked the debug.log and the woocommerce logs)

    It looks like the AJAX request is empty, it returns an error 400 in the console and display a “0”.
    However, the resend E-mail verification link works anyway !

    Maybe it is just the wp_safe_redirect() not working in your admin_manual_actions() function ?

    I’ll be happy to give you more informations if needed.

    Have a nice day.

    Hi @johnbillion

    Thank you for the update.

    Unfortunately there is still some problems with the DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT constant.
    We now can add events, but there I’ve noticed 2 problems :

    -After adding the event, if I run it now, I got an error : The cron event cannot be found.
    -After a few days, the CRON event disappear like the guy on this thread .

    But if I set DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT to false, there is no problem 😉

    I tried both schedule now, tomorrow and a specific date. I although tried several frequency, the problem persists…

    Thanks for your help 🙂

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    @geminilabs Thanks a lot for the advice 🙂


    I got exactly the same problem since 1.9.0

    I can’t add any cron event unless I disable the constant define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT',true);

    If I disable this constant and add my event, it works. But if I reactivate the constant, the cron Event disappear after a few days…

    It it can help :

    * Which version of PHP are you using?

    * Which version of WordPress are you using?

    * Which browser and OS are you using?
    Chrome / Win 10

    * Are you using the date and time pickers when choosing the time for the event?
    I tried both (run now and to a specific time), same problem.

    * Are there any errors showing in your PHP error log?
    There is no PHP error in the log.

    * Do you have an object caching plugin installed? (eg. for Redis or Memcached)
    WP Fastest Cache, but I tried to disable it, same issue.

    * What is your timezone?
    French. UTC +1

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    Hi @xootix,

    I’m really sorry I forgot to answer to that post.

    I knew you can use some hooks on an ajax based feature, but I wasn’t able to find if there is any on your plugin.

    But there is 🙂

    Your answer helped a lot, thank you !

    Have a nice day !

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    Hi @pimwick

    I’m really sorry I didn’t answer sooner.

    It is indeed correct.

    I’d like to hide the order item meta amount, because the gift card amount is already displayed as order item meta on my website.

    Is there any filter I can use to hide this meta data ?

    Thanks for your help 🙂

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    Hi @cartflows

    Thank you for your answer 🙂

    That’s not a huge issue, only a back office problem but there is no problem on frontend 🙂

    Have a nice day !

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    Hi @cartflows ,

    Thank you for your answer.

    Awesome if it’s in your to do list !

    I use this thread to report an issue on the get_admin_product_block() function.

    I got this error on the back office :
    Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered in /home/xxxxxx/www/wp-content/plugins/woo-cart-abandonment-recovery/modules/cart-abandonment/class-cartflows-ca-cart-abandonment.php because of this :

    number_format_i18n( $discount + ( $cart_total - $total ) - $tax, 2 )

    I think it is because of $cart_total who isn’t formatted like others variables, if I echo each variable I got this :

    $discount 0,00
    $cart_total 3.90
    $total 3,25
    $tax 0,65
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    All right it was before V5.2 then.
    I just made a test and it’s published !

    Thank you 🙂

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    Just if it happens to someone else.

    It this case, it was the product variation displayed as order meta because of this filter :

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_variation_title_include_attributes', '__return_false' );

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    I can now say it comes from another plugin, I need to find where and why 🙂

    I can confirm it’s not an issue with your plugin !

    Thanks 🙂

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    I’m really sorry to answer that late.
    Got a lot to do on this website.

    I get back to this point on my to do list.

    I can email you the URL but the website is under construction and protected…
    Here is a screen to the HTML : Screen

    I’m on V 1.151 right now and the problem is still there.

    If I get the order item meta with this code below :

    foreach ( $order->get_items() as $item_id => $item ) {
    	   $allmeta = $item->get_meta_data();
    	   foreach ($allmeta as $key => $meta )
    		   echo $key . ' : ';
                       echo  '<br />';

    I got this result :

    0 : WC_Meta_Data Object ( [current_data:protected] => Array ( [id] => 2714 [key] => gift-card-amount [value] => 10.00€ ) [data:protected] => Array ( [id] => 2714 [key] => gift-card-amount [value] => 10.00€ ) )
    1 : WC_Meta_Data Object ( [current_data:protected] => Array ( [id] => 2715 [key] => pw_gift_card_amount [value] => 10 ) [data:protected] => Array ( [id] => 2715 [key] => pw_gift_card_amount [value] => 10 ) )

    Now we need to find where the gift-card-amount meta is set because it looks like it is this one who isn’t coming from your plugin…

    If you have any idea… Thank you 🙂

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    I’m sorry, it was a JS error due to another plugin. Everything works fine 😉

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    I found 2 new problems with V5.1.6 :

    – The “Approve” link on edit.php?post_type=site-review page doesn’t works anymore.
    And if I want to edit the review to approve it, I can only planify it, I can’t publish it…

    – On the settings page, every glsr-nav-view div have the ui-tabs-hide class. Settings are not displayed on the first load and there are not displayed on click on a nav tab…

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    Thank you for the update ! It seems you worked hard since two days there is an update every 3 hours xD

    And thank you for the filter, I’ll use it to parse your JS files on frontend ! 🙂

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