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    Had the same problem, thanks to @jvangorp solution it works perfectly.
    I was testing with numbers like: y=10 x=23, but when I looked in the console was like y=0.004150390625 x=0.021240234375. That’s why it was “not working”.
    Thanks, jvangorp!

    kjodle, thank you for your sugestion about the Child Theme. I’ll definitely look on it.

    Bcworkz, thank you very much for your kindly explanation. It’s pretty sad to lost the code, but as this is the the way to go I’ll have to start over.

    As you told me about plugins documentation I took a look and found out this code used to create a registration plugin. It just adds one more field (date of birth) but I gues I can just duplicate as much as I want the field and get all the ones I need.

    As the code is ready, it’ll be a quickly test anyway. And I can save it to use in the future in other sites that I may engage. I’m not sure if I’ll keep coding but see a page working after the creation is really pleasent. So for now I’ll go a little futher.

    Have a good day you both.
    Thanks again for everything! <3

    Everything I need to appear in the website will be in that “Main page”.
    Currently there are just random data to test. As soon as I’m able to recieve the data from database I’ll take some numbers and apply in an RPG’s Level Up system that I created here with javascript:

    I just need to:
    – Be able to set Points to each user (what I’ve done with the plugin)
    – Be able to call the Point’s field in the user profile to that Level Up page and use it inside the javascript.

    The problem is the second part. There are weeks since I’m trying to connect to the database and still couldn’t get it.

    The data.php just exists because as I do not know how to code I was traped to the tutorial and the guy in the video used two files. I’m uploading the data.php in the wordpress public directory and trying to call it inside the “Main Page” by the url. Like:

     var ajax = new XMLHttpRequest ();
        var method = "GET";
        var url = "";
        var asynchronous = true;

    The “Main Page” is in:

    So I go to wordpres, I create a New Page, and then I use “Main Page” as a Template.
    It shows all the layout, but do not recive the data from database.

    Got an answer by e-mail.
    If anyone needs the shortcode it should be:

    <img src='[rp_user_data field="imagem"]' />

    Where “imagem” is the name of the field type:file you created.

    It’s workking on my site.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)