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  • Soccio97,

    So there is a difference in the file structure/path between your old host and your new host, yes?

    Old host: /html/wp-includes/compat.php
    New host: /html/wordpress/wp-includes/compat.php

    Is that right?

    So on your new host you decided to install into a subdirectory called wordpress (/wordpress) instead of the root (/)? Is that right?

    Copying the files and db to a new host assumes that the file structure and db settings will be the same, which is an unreasonable expectation as each host will have their own spin on things. The trick is to figure out what is different and then where to update data to reflect the change.

    Things that may change include:
    your host account name e.g. soccio97 that may be used to prepend database information e.g. soccio_myWPdbname which is connected to by soccio_mydbUsername using this brand new password ‘*(yh*&^&*Yhuihui7’

    So you made those changes to the wp-config.php you said.

    Be aware that one host may call the html folder by some other name e.g. httpdocs, public_html etc. which kicks in if you must make absolute path declarations which you probably don’t. It does kick in when you’re FTP’ing stuff! You can’t just dump your old back up onto your new account’s server -the folder structure must match. How comfortable are you with FTP? I suggest connecting to your account with your FTP program and putting ONE file to where you think the root of your domain should be (inside the html/ or equivalent folder). If that file shows up where you expected, you’re on the right path. If it shows up somewhere else then you probably need to adjust where your FTP program thinks the root is! Do you see what I mean?

    What you do need to focus on is the WP install directory location. Is it at the domain root (html/) which gives or is it in a subdomain (html/wordpress/) which gives ?

    I’ll wait for a response…

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    So, I’m running WP2.6.2 and installed bbPress 1.0 alpha-2

    Is this the alpha build you green-lighted?

    I have this initial issue with the “Add Forum” button not working. Any ideas?

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    It does? Great. I was just checking out Vanilla and simplepress etc.

    The sidebar is usually displayed on post pages (and the index/home page). How about using your single.php file contents as your page.php file?

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    Um, this is from my single.php…

    <p class="postmetadata alt fileicon">
    						<p>This entry is filed under:</p>
    						<p><?php the_category(' and ',multiple) ?>.</p>


    The output of the_category will be:

    The CSS rules will search for anchor tags where the href attribute ends in “paddle/” for e.g.

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    Hey, yes I can save my settings.
    I have it set to:
    spaces as underscores, prepend YYMMDD_, lowercase

    Plus, it may require you to have the flickr/youtube/feedburner stuff set up….

    Just took a quick peek at the template. It has only one sidebar area that it calls sidebar1. It has been my recent experience that this type of slippage can occur when you don’t have enough content to fill out the theme…

    Have you tried creating a bunch of dummy posts in every category that appears on the frontpage?

    IN your theme’s CSS, you an change the body tag’s font size (for starters)

    Theme Name: Basically Pink
    Description: Basically Pink is a free WordPress Theme by <a href="" target="_blank">SEO Company </a>.
    Author: SEO Company 
    Author URI:
    Version: 1.0
    Tags: pink, black, white, 2-columns, right sidebar, widget ready, fixed width, seo friendly, simple
    * {
    	padding: 0px;
    	margin: 0PX;
    body {
    	font-family: Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
    	font-size: 11px;

    You could make it font-size: 12px or font-size: 1.7em etc…

    There will be several locations in your setup where the category functions are called:

    When you ‘Manage Categories’, mouseover the category name, the browser status bar will show you the internal category number…

    In your theme, you locate the category function call where you want to supress a particular category.

    and exclude it…

    From the Codex:

    The following example displays category links sorted by name, shows the number of posts for each category, and excludes the category with the ID of 10 from the list.

    wp_list_categories('orderby=name&show_count=1&exclude=10'); ?>

    It’s been a long day for me. Hope that’s on target…

    A secondary blog?

    Oops! [spoke_too_soon][/spoke_too_soon]

    Whatever does this would have to take in to account the case where you have less than 5 posts/come to the end of the post list.

    I’ll look around…


    Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Review

    Agreeing with Samboll. The core files are the hairballs your server coughs up when it’s having a bad day. You should contact your host before they contact you!

    Also, check the file permissions.

    Directories: 0755
    Files: 0644

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    This works for me…

    After failing (for some reason) to get the file icon plugin to do my bidding, I used CSS to tag specific a tags. I added the fileicon class to the specific area in my template where I wanted this magic to occur. I guess I could have used a ‘little man’ icon for the author.

    Works pretty schweetlty with the_category(' and ',multiple)

    If you tweak this please let me know as I’m stumbling around in the dark.

    /* WaxLotus Categories Icons in PostMeta Area */
    /* case-sensitive!  Use WP category stub value. */
    .fileicon a {
    	padding: 5px 0 0 20px; margin: 0 0 0 5px;
    .fileicon a[href*="author"] {background-image:none; padding: 0; margin: 0;}
    .fileicon a[href$="paddle/"] {background-image: url(../../../uploads/icons/silkicons/cat_paddle.png);}
    .fileicon a[href$="daytrip/"] {background-image: url(../../../uploads/icons/silkicons/cat_day_trip.png);}
    .fileicon a[href$="weekend/"] {background-image: url(../../../uploads/icons/silkicons/cat_weekend.png);}

    The plugin author, Vincent P. pointed out the fix:

    ...your problem is not the styling of the list items but of the links inside the list item. It looks like they have a background image set to imitate the list item style.
    See style.css:
    #sidebar .enhanced-categories-1 a {

    *weeps with joy*

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