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  • Thank you for youre advise!

    I will use you tips. I found the problem. I removed my wordpres account and I still could not properly add pictures. So the it could not be my wordpress. I found the issue in my sucuri firewall settings where I activated the – unfiltered HTML from being sent to your site- . After deactivating this item the problem was resolve.

    I’m also going to clean my database like you proposed and do an cash flush to remove future problems.

    Thank you for help,
    I wish you a nice day,


    Thank you for youre help. It’s about 2 months ago that i posted my problem here. Finaly I found an solution. I installed many security plugin even bought some but the problem was still there. Then One day I started to do 2 things. First I removed all the page that where not necessairy for my site. Second what I did was I removed couple plugins that where there but just in deactivation mode. Those 2 combination did the trick. Ore there was a plugin that was doing strange things ore it got confused off all the diffrente page in the background that i didnd’t needed. I easily removed 30 page.

    I hope one day if a person experience the same problem as me that this can guide him to a solution.

    Many greetings
    and BIG THANKS


    I did a small investigation and indeed, the other users login the first time at exact the same moment as me. I changed my theme, and i did see the user no more ( i always see them under failed login. Then when i change back to my original (premium paid) theme, there is a user 0 that login exact the same moment as me. I’m confused. Even if i leave my site, that day, i see in the all in one wp sucurity plugin under failed login: the user with my ip. The stop spammers plugin shows a log report where the user with my ip log in at exact the same moment as me. So, could it be that my premium theme synchronise with me at the moment i login? I’m a bit confused.

    Thank you.




    Thank you for youre advise. I’m gonna follow to steps you recommanded.
    It’s strange that in my wordpress dasboard at the menu users, there is no such user with that name. Somehow all in one wp security register a failed login with user nr 0 with that strange name. The user also always login the 1e time at exact the same moment as me. I’m first gonna deactivate all the plugin, to see off it can come from one of them. If that don’t work, im gonna delete the plugin from database like you suggested.

    What should i do if the user still there?

    again, thanks for you tips, greetings

    thank for youre advice. I can’t find user 0, If i go users–>all users, i see all the users. I know them all by person. There is no user 0. I upgraded my antivrus and scanned again on my pc, but nothing was found again. I did find a youtube film where one explain that if they find youre ip adress, they could scan his/here rooter for weakness and make a mysql injection and login in wordpress as admin. I would like to find an expert that knows what happend.
    If anyone know one, you welcome.

    Thank you for youre responses.

    I just installed wordfence. I’m doing the scan and hope it will find anything.
    Yes indeed, In the stop spammers plugin i don’t see my email adress in the profile. It was like that from the begin. I onley have it 2 days, so i don’t know yet how it should be. While my security plugin shows my admin name, my ip adress and users id 1. With the user that uses my id it says user id 0.

    How can i find out if someone hijacked my home pc? I have scanned my pc many times, but i didn’t found anything.



    Hi, thanks.
    Where should i copy this?
    $additional_fields = tribe_get_custom_fields();
    echo $additional_fields[‘My custom field’];

    I noticed at the event settings there was a: default event template and default page template. Its on default event template. changing that didn’t change my widget problem


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