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  • Thank you @weigertj
    Nice to know your pictures stayed but i do not install nextGen because it has image limits in free version. I installed Nextcellent from first version to today and really not going back to nextGen .
    Now there is, today, new WP 4.9.4 update which one I postpone as long I can, because it might cause something again to my NC.
    Still uploading via server /files directly, much more work than directly in WordPress, had no solution…

    Thank you for reply and help
    Yes, I’m absolutely sure I have NCG 1.9.35
    Actually, the page is not 100% empty or blank, it still has header Add Gallery / Image and the rest is blank. That’s the weird
    I opened Galley dashboard (main page) side by side in my two WP’s (in same server tho) and the page inspections (in Chrome browser) and I noticed the difference in code script so that it not loads the box latest news at all in where I have updated WP 4.9.2
    so I went and reinstalled WP 4.9.2 and when I opened Galley main dashboard, there is Latest news and Related plugins sections back and loaded.
    Add Gallery / Image page is still blank, only has header text….

    I am to go to Cpanel and check out.
    But I have a question:
    Does I lost all tags and descriptions of my all 5000 photos when I delete and reinstall the NCG plugin via server?
    If so then it is too big loss, because my photos are lot linked to blog posts via photo tag scripts, there is lot of tags…. ???

    Can’t change the dates anyway, this is not active (the word change date)

    PS. I appologise my English, it is my 3rd langugae
    PPS: I LOVE this plugin, there is no other that good excist. Thank you.

    Correcting my info. I was checking my plugin version and it is Version 1.9.35 with WP 4.9.1 – working perfectly
    And also NC Version 1.9.35 in Worpress 4.9.2, where Add/images page is blank now after WP update, no matter from which link to go to add images – it is blank…
    Oh what can I do without risking to lose my 5000 images….. ?

    I haven’t installed any new plugins lately and also Plugin check is done – no conflicts with theme or other

    Thank you for prompt reply.
    I was looking up – I have NC version 1.9.13
    in all of my wordpresses.
    There is no link or way to update to the 1.9.35 nor in my plugin list nor updates page in wp?
    But interesting that not able upload any images because blank page in latest WP.
    Also I noticed, after WP update, the main Gallery page (Welcome to NextCellent Gallery! as header), the 2 sections not showing – Latest News and Realted plugin- only showing loading emoticon 🙁
    Is there maybe limited # of images allowed with Nexcellent?

    Correcting my spelling: 4 other of my sites are still on WP 4.9.1

    Well I just updated my two sites and deeply regretting it 🙁
    Now, after updates, when I post article from my blog to the Facebook, the IMAGE missing.
    I use first main image from post and it is always big enough and worked so well.
    It was so hard to set up to appear in FB without using featured picture but rather first picture of post ( saves server room from uploading double pictures to the wordpress media gallery this is why I do not use these).
    Worked brilliant and gone now….
    I just tested it with other blog I have and not yet updated with WordPress 4.6.1
    Please, how can I find now link here to find solution, too big blog to unisntall and reinstall, and totally useless if I can’t repost or share my blogposts in Facbook 🙁
    I am soooooo disappointed and helpless now 🙁

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 6 months ago by moonique.

    Same problem, but can not set featured image from Nextcellent at all 🙁
    Really do not want to create doubled gallery and upload same pics to Media gallery which are already in NC…
    Looking the suggestion in this thread a lot…
    How do I get featured image from Nextcellent Gallery?



    Thank you so much for prompt reply!
    I am trying to install the older version, and when new comes I update to the new one! Thank you!



    Well. Things are so, that all these options described above and not working in latest version – makes my life so hard with blogging and not able to use gallery…. so time consuming, all dates of photos stay wrong and takes lot work later after next NCG update to change the dates one by one…
    Long story to short – how can I find and download the previous version of Nextcellent ?
    I would go back to old version.
    Or is it hope that new version comes out soon in 1 month with all fixes of these errors? In this case I try to wait it.
    Othervise I would be very thankful for the link where from to download the previous version, can I just replace the folder of NCG in server plugins folder?

    Thank you.
    I now tested these things in my WP blog nr 2, WP not updated and updating only gallery.
    WordPress 4.3.1 & NCG 1.9.31
    Change Date:
    As I know I checked yesterday before I opened thread here and yesterday it was possible to change Date in older version 1.9.27.
    I now updated NCG to the new version 1.9.31
    and… unfortunately, can’t change dates on photos anymore, not for old photos and not for new ones just uploaded….

    Gallery Search
    It worked brilliant with all previous versions. But now after updating to new version, it happened just like after updating it to 1.9.31 in my other (mirror) blog, I get searched result, clicking on link and then blank full screen with error message You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. I even cant see WordPress back end, but going back with browser arrow takes me back to my WP back end

    Tags tooltips
    Same problem appear after updating to the NCG 1.9.31….
    Not showing helpful wording tooltips while writing tags into box….
    This is real time waster for these have 3 page long tag list to check each one to match and therefore to avoid error later in blog texts shortcodes.

    I have 2 more WP blogs, not updated yet, let me know if more testing needed.
    Wholeheartly hoping these things can fixed in next version.
    I love your Nexcellent Gallery.

    PS: Forgot to mention.
    As in my WP where I still have version 1.9.27 I haven’t updated to the WP WordPress 4.4.2 yet!

    If you want me to test out if there is same errors like with both new versions, let me know here. I can do this

    WordPress 4.4.2 & NCG 1.9.27
    WordPress 4.3.1 & NCG 1.9.31

    Same problem here and now also it appears in Opera browser 🙁
    Deleted Open Sans from my windows, but this is not solution really. I too using it for web graphics .jpg and .png
    Now I just keep to install and reinstalling this font every time before I use WordPress. Very annoying 🙁

    WELL as it is not any other way in this but to delete whole Open Sans Condensed Light font from Windows system, I did it.
    Now WordPress is back normal again, but can not use Open Sans in design banners etc. anymore as can not have it installed in my computer.
    Or then just installing and reinstalling this font every time before using WordPress or design program.
    Very strange problem.
    But rather did this than risking with changing core files in WordPress.

    Update: AND it does NOT help even if I have all fonts Arial in Opera browser settings.
    They are, except for WordPress ??? !!!!

    Is it planned any help or changes back in next WordPress update, please?
    Or should I start remove away to Drupal or Joomla 🙁

    Well now seem that Opera did automatic update and changed something there so that WordPress dashboard got that annoying Open Sans Condensed Light font too 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Now there is not any browser left to use WordPress backend with normal font.
    This Open sand condensed and light is almost impossible to read and killing eyes.
    And NO, it is not helping if zooming browser, font stay condensed and light 🙁

    Yes it is only in WordPress ( and some other rare places like some forums etc.
    It is such a problem and no solution?

    WHY it must be unreadable font in WordPress back end and why it can not be any of common fonts what was before?

    Can not update my websites because it is SO HARD TO read the screen 🙁

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