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  • @katie, great, thank you very much!

    I tried again the shortcode (#4) from my original comment as it was – now it works like a charm… not sure what the problem originally was.

    Hi Katie!

    Found this plugin a few hours ago (6.0.3), installed it (WP 4.3.1), so far works great! Gave it 5 stars already!

    My list of suggestions / wishes / improvements:
    1. When abstracts are displayed, have an option to hide them and expand them through a link, e.g., [Read abstract]. Otherwise, the pages with a list of citations with abstracts get absurdly long (even with ~20 citations).

    2. Have the option to select an author’s name and make it stand out in the bibliography – e.g. when presenting my publications in a CV, I would like to have my name bold, smallcaps, or something of the sort.
    This maybe already possible through JScript / CSS hacks, but if possible, it might be useful.

    3. Have not been able to figure out a way to search for / display only specific types of items, e.g. book, journal articles, book chapters.

    4. I am using the shortcode below to display all my publications, but it does not add numbers in front of each item, such as this (which I image should happen):

    1. Kornilev et al 2015
    2. Kornilev and Smith 2014
    3. Smith and Kornilev 2013

    [zotpress author=”Kornilev” style=”apa” sortby=”date” forcenumber=”true” download=”yes” abstract=”no” cite=”yes” title=”yes”]

    5. To expand on @ianguel’s request, maybe add short codes to return counts in collections, but also in displayed results, even possibly like this:

    Journal articles: 5
    Books: 2
    Book Chapters: 10

    Thanks for this great work so far!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)