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  • Um,

    yeah i suppose that could be the case.

    Except I’m receiving emails from others and I’ve checked my relays. And when I’ve added this extra smtp plugin for wordpress I’m now recieving them, same address and all.

    Think it might the implementation with the servers or the php mail function you use and gmails smtp servers.

    Also, I find it odd that I have to link a account to send emails. It’s a little annoying to not have an out of the box solution.

    But thanks



    Correct, I’m adding my email via the form builder. Then, a month or so later, it disappears.

    Now, having been watching it for some time, the email address is staying, but, for the life of me, it won’t send an email when i use the form. from my computer or others.

    It’s been 5 days now and no emails.

    I had to download the smtp email check plugin and now it’s working.

    Oddly, I’ve setup accounts for others using this style of contact form and they all report theirs is working. Also, my theme builder mentions it’s not an issue with the theme.

    I’ve also logged out of jetpack and then back in.

    I ended up getting it to work.

    here are a few of my items…

    [table caption=”Microphone Test” width=”100%” colwidth=”20|60|80|20|80|80″ colalign=”center”]
    Group,Mic Brand,Mic Model,Mic Price,Actor,File

    [audio src=""]

    [audio src=""]

    [audio src=""]
    2,Charter Oak,E 700,1000,Casey,

    Yes the extra parameter to the shortcode fixed it. thanks so much

    You’re right about it not getting out. I checked the page load statistics with the web inspector in firefox (network tab)

    It’s true that the audio file isn’t output to the browser, no mpeg gets called in the output requests.

    I do see some odd cache behavior though. Mostly not-showing but at times will pop up.

    You’re also wrapping the embed with a closing audio tag, which I haven’t seen before. Though I understand this to be ok.

    Ill try the cache behavior.

    Also, want to say that I love the editor, it’s efficient and easy to understand and well thought out. Thanks for putting it together 🙂

    your the man, thanks

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)