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  • For me, I had to do two things. The main thing was to adjust the max_execution_time with our web host. That did help correct the issue. The other (minor) issue was that somehow the default prices on some of our items got changed. I’m still not sure how that happened, but Printify quickly showed me how to bulk edit items to fix. Since then, I have not had any issues.

    If it helps, I had to actually have tech support at my web host set the max_execution_time to 300 seconds. I had tried to set it, also, but it did not really “take” until the web host did it. I hope that helps. I know this issue can be frustrating.

    For me, when I contacted my web host and had them change the max_execution_time that fixed the issue.

    The pricing issue was fixed by looking at the detail for each production variation (in Printify, not WooCommerce). Somehow, a few of the variations were set to a different price. Once those were corrected, everything published correctly into WooCommerce.

    I am happy to supply both if it will help your company fix this plugin for all the people having issues with it. The log is much too long to post here, however.

    Well, I just tried this plugin again. I let it run for almost 36 hours. As is my usual experience, it syncs 1111/1112 products … and just gets stuck. Yes, three days of letting it stay stuck. It is always the same. It stops at the next to last product. In comparison, the plugin Facebook has for WooCommerce synced everything within an hour without any issues and is live now.

    I have the most recent log. It was way too long to post here. I have given up trying to chat with your online support because that is a total waste of time. I am happy to share the log if someone wants to look through it. I just installed the update to your plugin and that makes no difference to this issue.

    The other third-party Mailchimp I use for mailing list sign-ups continues to work flawlessly. Maybe you should hire those developers?

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    I have had these conversations multiple times with your support staff. Said another way, I have wasted a lot of time chatting with your support staff and they can never get this to work.

    My WooCommerce System Status Report is fine. The plugin looks like it is syncing… but it never completes. I have over 1,000 products in my online store. Most times, it will appear to sync all the way to product 999 … and then not finish. The pattern is always sync, sync, sync … until you get to the next to the last item … and then fail.

    The way your plugin is designed, you cannot turn on any sort of debug log until after a sync starts. That option doesn’t appear until AFTER your start a sync, which makes no sense at all. And then, of course, if you do turn on any sort of debug log, your plugin does not retain that setting if you try to sync again.

    Ironically, if you use another third-party plugin for MailChimp NOT developed by you, everything works fine. I just plug in my MailChimp API and go. Based on all of the negative reviews I read on hear, and with speaking with others online, I know I am not the only one having issues with this plugin.

    I just sent them. I hope it helps. 🙂

    I had to delete the plugin in order for anyone to be able to access WP Dashboard to manage/maintain our site. Deleting the plugin allowed the login button to function correctly. I am happy to send you our login link, but I am not sure if it will help since the plugin is no longer installed.

    I am seeing the same issue. I tried different browsers, etc. and could never log-in. I actually had to delete this plugin via CPANEL so I could regain the ability to log-in to the WP Dashboard. Clicking the WP login button would do nothing – even if I refreshed many times. Encountered this on both Firefox and Chrome browsers. I deleted this plugin and the login button began to work again.

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