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    I also found a contradiction:

    On Dashboard and Settings/SSL:
    – urges to “Go ahead and activate SSL!”

    Plugins – Really Simple SSL:
    – only option is to Deactivate (I would then assume it should be active?

    Could this be the reason why desktop shows HTTPS without issue, and mobile view complains that the website is not secure?

    Thread Starter Miia Koi


    Hi Niall, thank you for taking time looking into it. I went to the SSL configuration tab and this is highlighted:

    WordPress 301 redirect enabled. We recommend to enable the 301 .htaccess redirect option on your specific setup.

    It’s asking to enable or dismiss. I’m assuming it’s all good, since it’s enabled. I see links working properly on the site as secure HTTP.

    This one is not enabled:
    Enable 301 .htaccess redirect “Before you enable this, make sure you know how to regain access to your site in case of a redirect loop.” I have to admit, I’m not sure at all what that would mean.

    Debug didn’t give me any more information. Could you point to right direction, where I’d be able to find out where the configuration went wrong?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)