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  • MartinBa


    Also, the menus don’t work. Whatever change i make it doesn’t make a difference. Menus remain just like I had them, while i want to reorder and add one more



    I have the exact same issue. After updating from 1.72 to 3 sections are broken and i cannot fix it. There is nothing available in appearance >> customize >> parallax section. I can see my menu on top since the menu is active in customizer as it was before the update, but no sections. Even when i imported a demo, no sections (no old no new sections in the parallax section menu). I need to create sections from scratch, and as i can see there is some mixup with posts, since certain sections show different posts than they used too. Thats not normal guys, setting up everything again after an update.

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    I am using enlighten theme

    In order to create a section for my home page, eg a service section, i need to create a category, then create a post checking service section in post’s category, and the theme automatically shows the service section in my home page. My problem is that i have 2 products in this page, so I need, as I see it, to create 2 home pages, and be able to control which sections appear in each home page, because obviously one product will have different description in its service and any other section than the other. If i set home page template in both home pages the same section appears to both, and I was wondering if there is a way to hide some sections from each home page, in order to be able to control which section appears in each home page. Not sure if this is possible. I found and used some plugins like blog-in-blog, WP hide post, etc but nothing seems to work. Thanks

    I have enabled ” Redirect to file. Don’t force download. If the dlm_uploads folder is protected you may need to move your file.” and i think it solved the problem. Is that possible?

    I have also deactivated “Featured download” but i dont think this is related.

    Not really, waiting for help from the developer or anyone else that can

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)