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  • Thanks, for me it’s clear in the meantime. I am a newbie in WordPress CMS, coming from TYPO3. So I had first clearify some basic questions and these answers are very difficult to find on your homepage:

    So my intention with this forum posting was, that the website maintainer of adds these basic informations to the homepage (in the moment it is hidden and cannot easily be found):

    – “always update/upgrade to the latest version, older versions aren’t officially supported” (as you explained above and as it can be found under, but not on the official homepage)
    – make the roadmap more clear to give a timetable when the releases are planned and when the user have to test and upgrade to new versions. The TYPO3 roadmap is a good example for TYPO3 upgrade planning and it is really helpful for maintaining TYPO3-sites and planning necessary upgrades.

    Thanks a lot,


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)