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  • Yep, I was having the same problem and fixed it by simply uploading the new init.php into the /wishlist/plugin-fw/ dir. Thanks for the quick fix, but WHEW what a scare I had!

    I’m glad someone else has brought this up, I thought I was losing my mind. The excerpts on my wordpress websites have gotten RIDICULOUSLY long after upgrading to 4.3.

    Ysan, how can I alter my php like you did?

    Ok I’m having the same problem. I went to Settings>General and there’s nothing to enable pricing tables. Are you able to show a screenshot of where this option is? I’m shocked that this wasn’t the very first thing said in the guide.




    No, Netsctor is correct this plugin is NOT free, it’s a trial and you even said that on your website. This is fine of course, but it really should be titled as a trial. No real time shipping ? That alone makes this plugin unusable without paying for the premium version.

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    Yes I have access to my datebase files. I still have access to my cPanel (because it still exist by ip even though there is no more domain), I just don’t have access to my wp-admin panel because I don’t have the old domain anymore.

    I’ll give your link a read as well thanks. Do you think I will be able to just dump those files into the new Public_HTML if I also install the databases or no?

    I didn’t like how automatically generated category pages looked, so I didn’t use them. What I did was made a my own blank pages and put in the shortcode for the category I wanted to show on that page.

    For example, I used this shortcode to make my own category page:

    ‘[category alias=”16oz-products” id=”4″]’

    and this is the result:

    otherwise I would have been stuck with that long page that shows each item in it’s own row. Also, it didn’t work with my template either.

    Really? Can you post a screen shot because it’s working perfectly for me. Keep in mind, the “short description” is more like the products title, instead of a description. For the actually description, put that text in the “full description” field. See example below:

    View post on

    Also, I just found another method to fix the problem, but this method should ONLY be used if you don’t plan to have a blog area (I’ll explain why below).

    Step 1: Go to your theme’s full width.php and copy all of the code.

    Step 2: Go to your theme’s singlepost.php and delete all the code, then paste the code you copied from your full width.php, then save.

    Your products will now have enough space for the add to cart and etc fields to align beside your product image instead of being pushed under it.

    This works because your single products are actually published as blogpost (not pages), therefore they will use your themes singlepost.php layout. Usually this layout has reserved a lot of room on the right hand side for widgets and stuff. This is why the add to cart/etc is being pushed down, because the space it needed got taken by the side widget area. So by pasting the fullwidth.php code into the singlepost.php, your single product pages now have more room to display properly. Another thing you’ll notice is, above your products image, the links that say “Posted by Admin, Date, Time, Category, etc” is now gone! Giving your products a cleaner, more professional look.

    The only drawback is, if you actually have post or blogpost on your website, they are ruined because you over-wrote the php code used to display them!

    OK! I fixed mine to look perfect and this is what I did. Look at the 3 easy steps below (images showing exactly what to change below):

    Step 1: Open up the ready commerce plugin zip file on your desktop, go to ‘templates>standard>style.css’. Click into the style.css

    Step 2: find where it says:

    {float: right;

    and change “right” to “left”

    Step 3: find where it says:

    .product_info {width:525px;

    and change “525” to “225”

    Step 4: Save the style.css and upload directly to your website and over-wright the old file. (this can be done using an FTP program or using the file manager in your web hosting cpanel.) Please remember to drop the style.css file into “wp-content>plugins>readyecommerce>templates>standard”

    Change this:
    Change this:
    Problem Solved:

    Note: You can NOT do this from within the WordPress control panel itself because you can’t access “template/standard/style.css” from there, so don’t even bother looking for it, you won’t find it. You have to alter the file above and re-upload it your website manually.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)