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  • Hello there!
    Receiving more and more complains about this from listeners of our podcast.
    What I can confirm is that the error appears on all sorts of different Android smartphones using the Google Podcasts app, and only if the user tries to stream any episode.
    If the user “forces” the download of the file onto the device, it succeeds and once the file is stored on the device, the playback through Google Podcasts interface works OK.
    Would it be possible to give this some sort of priority? Non being listenable through the official Google app for Podcasts is quite a setback!

    Same problem here. We’re unable to play any episode on Google Podcast, and *only* on Google Podcast. No probs whatsoever with other Podcast Apps nor playing via browser.

    It seems that the Google Podcast app for Android fails when trying to buffer the episdoe. Could it possibly be related to the way the data from the file is provided to the app, since it’s not a direct link but it passes through the SSP plugin logic?

    Hi Hugh,
    no worries, I’ve been living surrounded by fellow Italians almost my whole life, I’m used to all (our) their burocracy 😉
    I’ll get in touch with them, no worries.

    Hi Hugh,
    thanks for your answer. I’m more than happy to contribute as translator and translator editor as well.
    Count me in, I’ll do my best. 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)