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  • @bbarker5, I see you marked as “Resolved” this topic. Did you find a solution?

    marcel mihai


    I tried to create an account on your website, but I stay stuck when insert the password and click on Continue button. Nothing happens. Please keep us informed if receive an answer from developer, maybe you will try to contact them on their official website support page. Have a great day!

    Hello David. No answer. I really was ready to buy the premium version, because of this plugin promised so much. It has a lot of features that other plugins don’t have. Now, their demo with their credentials provided doesn’t work anymore. Support is very bad. I follow this subject and I see a lot of topics without any answer from the author. This is a kind of lack of respect for users. I sent them a few emails to ask for customization. Paid customization. No answer. So, even I like this plugin, I will no buy it ever. There is another plugin, looking similar, for a moment I thought there is the same author. Even the logo follows the same colors, but different nuances :)). Link here:
    What solution for help desk do you use? I think we can talk here in our peace as long as the author is not able to get in touch with users …

    I really do not understand why this very good plugin has so bad support. I really want to buy the pro version, I sent emails to the developer, but no answer, as long as I can not use anymore the free version. In fact, I had a previous Support page made by myself, but this plugin creates automatically a support page. I uninstalled the plugin in the first instance, but also I deleted Support, Login, Create Ticket and Edit Profile pages. Even I removed the plugin using FTP, when I reinstall it, the pages I told earlier are not created anymore. If I create them manually and assign them from settings, the plugin does not work properly, it brokes the format pages and other issues. I please plugin author to answer how to solve these problems. Thanks.

    I am looking with interest at your plugin, and I would like to buy the Pro version but, I tried to see the registration workflow and it seems to be complicated enough…
    First I received this email:

    Welcome to the Smartcat Solutions Inc support system.
    This email is a confirmation of your registration to our support system. You can begin creating support tickets and tracking your existing tickets through our support portal on

    Here are your credentials:
    LOGIN NOW{%password%}

    It is confusion about NO CREDENTIALS received…
    The second email I received is ok, now I can set up my password. But there is confusing for customers…Could you simplify in a way the registration process and do not create any clues with the first email?

    Ok, using avatar manager 1.4.0. version of your plugin with classipress 3.3.1 all is ok. Thanks, Catlin.

    Hi, Catalin
    I used your plugin using classipress 3.3. and previous version of your plugin and it worked properly. But now, after I have upgraded both Classipress and Avatar Manager plugin, I receive the same error as nims.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)