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  • Mai


    Do you mind sharing what was the problem and how supposed it should be (not using my trick)?

    The features I mentioned above are pre-built of MyBB, it has nice user-interface to accomplish and not through workarounds.

    As for the BuddyPress, it’s possible to install both bbPress and BuddyPress at a time on 1 WordPress website?

    Shared theme with WordPress plays the biggest role in this case too.

    Perhaps let me name out some essential features that every forum should have and they aren’t exist in bbPress.

    1. forum sections (I know a workaround, but as long as it isn’t official, it’s in this list)
    2. (custom) roles and permissions
    3. warning system
    4. threads/posts pending moderator’s approval
    5. user groups
    6. forum based on roles/user groups

    They aren’t advance, they’re essential.

    It depends on how you interpret the description. I see it as sort of salesmen talk in the beginning, then it basically tells you its approach here.

    I know, but @ihor Vorotnov blamed me for not looking at its description thus making unrealistic expectations.

    My point is it’s clearly stated in this car specs. I don’t think you’ll pay for the car without studying detailed spec. So why you don’t read the plugin description?

    The problem is not the bbPress and its feature set, the problem is your unrealistic expectations.

    I did look at the description for a while and it seemed good. I also made a visit to and the screenshot was attractive since it was integration of WordPress and bbPress which I could imagine its convenience of using WordPress as blog while whole website mainly forum.

    I do not think the team is not really trying to be like others.

    Like I said there are features that the bbPress devs are considering and are busy creating. It may not be something exactly like other forum software, but it stands on its own, with its approach, and the WordPress community.

    I’m not trying to make the team to work like others, but I want to know is the team actually working?

    Features in MyBB not necessarily unique, since they can be thought by anyone. But the problem is: bbPress looks the same since the 1st time I had seen it when I was learning about WordPress, which is few years ago.

    Although I didn’t use it then, but now I used it and it has so minimal features. I expected features to be implemented within the years and totaling of large number of features by the time I use it (this year).

    Are MyBB trying to be like Discourse??

    I don’t understand what you meant.

    Tons of high quality plugins to choose from to optimize your site, without needing different plugins that may do the same task for your forums and your site, one plugin should work on both, like bbPress. Some plugins may even do what features may be in other forum software.

    For those, who need any extra features – there are tons of plugins, both free and paid.

    If these plugins cover all features of vBulletin, then it’s my fault. Otherwise, they aren’t enough for me.

    Otherwise, they’re some kind of salesmen to me as said.

    Tons of high quality theme frameworks to choose from, this may not be limited to about to at least 25 free themes,

    These themes affect my whole WordPress website. And using the word tons is exaggerated.

    There’s a flexible and very powerful WP hooks system allowing you to write any required feature (or hire a developer in your case).

    Yes, I did consider hiring a developer. But I dropped the idea after MyBB pre-built features and some plugins did the job for me and everything’s perfect.

    but something reliable day to day that could be pimped out with some plugins/themes

    MyBB can do better.

    And, plugins/themes are like accessories only, extra features. But the problem is bbPress is missing too many features.

    Am I going to buy a windscreen, roof, aircondition, etc., for my car as “accessory”?

    There are features that the devs are considering and would love to see in the bbPress plugin in the future though.

    I don’t know what the developers are busy with within the past few years since it doesn’t improve to be like MyBB at all.

    My point is it’s clearly stated in this car specs. I don’t think you’ll pay for the car without studying detailed spec. So why you don’t read the plugin description?

    So this is the description:

    Have you ever been frustrated with forum or bulletin board software that was slow, bloated and always got your server hacked? bbPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards, and speed.

    We’re keeping things as small and light as possible while still allowing for great add-on features through WordPress’s extensive plugin system. What does all that mean? bbPress is lean, mean, and ready to take on any job you throw at it.

    Languages: Also available in Bahasa Indonesia, CatalĂ , Deutsch, English (Australia), English (Canada), and 13 other languages.

    It’s sounds better/more powerful than vBulletin Board. So my expectation isn’t unrealistic since the features I need are available with vBulletin Board.


    Same about support. Sorry guys, but you forget the main part. It’s Open Source Software, and you get answers from regular users like you and me. It’s not a dedicated support department being paid salaries for answering your questions.

    Then why other open-source software can do it like MyBB, phpBB, Vanilla, etc? I’m using MyBB and their support is quite good. There are paid staffs there too.

    Some cool people are spending their own time building bbPress for FREE. Let’s respect that. The problem is not the bbPress and its feature set,

    Other free and open-source forums are better than bbPress.

    To add fuel to the fire, it has a customer service. But the door is just locked and (she) can’t get in to get support although she can see what’s happening inside.

    It’s really funny. You buy a car and say it’s bad because it can’t fly.

    That would be integration of… video hosting?

    I don’t need such complicated features, so this scenario makes more sense: A so-called “simple” car has no air condition, roof, windscreen, lights, etc.

    And it has only 1 seat.

    After throwing it away, the chemicals will stick on me forever until I see a doctor.

    Why my reply is deleted?

    @celtic, feel free to write a bad review to warn others. bbPress doesn’t deserve so many positive reviews.

    Those highly-rated plugins will completely uninstall, or an official solution provided.

    Yes, no need to waste time installing these plugins, only make administrators’ sites dirty and waste time.

    Hide for everyone except administrators.

    Opened 3 years ago, last modified is 2 months ago.

    It isn’t important in bbPress.

    In that case, that should be in the core bbPress.

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