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  • Had the same issue but got it to work using http://www…

    Couple other issues you guys will notice if/when you get it going:

    the link displayed in the iframe is http so you’ll get mixed content errors or the browser will block it completely if your site is https. You can edit the plugin to fix that link but who wants to do that and have to deal w/ it every time there’s an update.

    Also, though I added three networks, only one showed up (yelp) and it only pulled one review (the oldest).

    So, while the plugin has potential, there’s definitely some issues that need to be addressed before it’s usable.

    CroydonWeb nailed it… the reviews of this plugin are obviously, ahem, not genuine 😉

    I’d like to bump this (forum rules? lol. help your customers). I’m having the same issue and have also submitted a support ticket with no response. Instead of being smart with folks, why not just help them out?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)