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  • I too am encountering issues. I have version 1.9.10 installed. It tells me I need to update to 1.9.12. When I do, I get a green checkmark like it updated. However when I refresh the Updates page it once again asks me to update. And the version is still 1.9.10

    Thanks I have posted it there.



    Ah, I missed that. Used to be a text link next to the category. Thank you.



    Thank you! I deactivated all my plugins and turn them on one by one. WP Google Maps was the culprit. Luckily, I just had to turn off one setting to alleviate the issue. I had under WP Google Maps > Settings the setting “Do not load the Google Maps API (Only check this if your theme loads the Google Maps API by default)” set to YES. I turned that to NO and now Yoast is showing.

    All the other plugins I update have no trouble communicating, so I think it is less a problem with the server and more a problem with the update. I will manually update it.

    I tried to update it from the overview page and the dashboard > updates area. Like all other plugins I update. Are you saying I need to update it manually?

    When I logged in today, I was greeted by an error message. I unfortunately did not copy the message, but did grab the code it said to add to my wp-config.php file:

    define(“OTGS_DISABLE_AUTO_UPDATES”, true);



    Don’t worry about this. I managed to get a different plugin to do what I wanted. Thanks for the help though.



    By the way, I cannot get the do_shortcode to work with the Slick shortcode.



    Here is my complete shortcode:

    function jmore_gallery(){
    	if( have_rows('galleries') ){
    		$GalleryCode='<div id="GalleriesContainer">';
    			while( have_rows('galleries') ): the_row();
    				$GalleryCode.='<div class="IndividualGalleryContainer">';
    			if( have_rows('image_gallery') ){
    					while( have_rows('image_gallery') ): the_row();
    						array_push($GalleryArray, $ThisImageID);
    						if($ThisImageShowCaption==1){//If captioning is turned on for this image
    							if(!empty($ThisImageAltCaption)){//Check if there is an Alternative caption added
    								$ThisImageCaption=$ThisImageAltCaption;//Puts the alternative caption in to the variable
    								$ThisImageCaption=str_replace(",",",",$ThisImageCaption);//Replaces commas with HTML character equivelant 
    								$ThisImageCaption=$ThisImage['caption'];//Use caption associated with image from library
    								$ThisImageCaption=str_replace(",",",",$ThisImageCaption);//Replaces commas with HTML character equivelant
    						array_push($CaptionArray, $ThisImageCaption);
    					endwhile;//while( have_rows('image_gallery') ): the_row();
    				$GalleryIDs=implode(",",$GalleryArray);//Puts a comma after each ImageID except for the last one
    				//$GalleryCode.="Gallery IDs: ".$GalleryIDs."<br>";
    				$GalleryCaptions=implode(",",$CaptionArray);//Puts a comma after each Caption except for the last one
    				//$GalleryCode.="Gallery Captions: ".$GalleryCaptions."<br>";
    				//$GalleryCode.=do_shortcode('[soliloquy_dynamic id="'.$GalleryID.'" images="'.$GalleryIDs.'" captions="'.$GalleryCaptions.'"]');
    				$GalleryCode.=do_shortcode('[gallery slick_active="true" sl_show_caption="true" sl_dots="true" sl_fade="true" type="slideshow" size="large" sl_autoplay="true" link="none" ids="'.$GalleryID.'"]');
    				//$GalleryCode.=soliloquy_dynamic( array( 'id' => $GalleryID, 'images' => $GalleryIDs ) );
    				$GalleryCode.='<p>&nbsp;</p></div><!-- /IndividualGalleryContainer -->';	
    			endwhile; // while( has_sub_field('galleries') )
    					$GalleryCode.='</div><!-- /GalleriesContainer -->';
    	return $GalleryCode;
    add_shortcode('JmoreImageGallery', 'jmore_gallery');


    Sorry, I was exploring other options. The filter you shared does get rid of the titles and only shows the captions associated with the image in the Media Library. This is good, but not exactly what I am trying to accomplish.

    Using ACF, I have a method of adding/organizing photos for a slider. It also allows me to enter an Alternative Caption that would override the caption in the Media Library.

    So I loop through the entries and then populate your shortcode:
    $GalleryCode.=do_shortcode('[gallery slick_active="true" sl_show_caption="true" sl_dots="true" sl_fade="true" type="slideshow" size="large" sl_autoplay="true" ids="'.$GalleryID.'"]');

    I then return $GalleryCode. So I am lookng for a way to insert an alternative caption per slide vs a filter that tells the system to show nothing if there is no slide associated with the image in the Media Library.

    Hello? Is one preferred? Is it not advised to use the Quick Edit? Or the regular edit to change the date of publication? Which one works better with the Redirection plugin?

    I have edited through both. Is one preferred?

    I can understand a plugin interfering with a redirect. But would it interfere with the plugin CREATING the redirect? I turned all plugins off. Did a test. Redirection worked. Turned on one plugin. Did a test on same post moving it forward a day. Redirection failed. Turned that plugin off. Did a test on same post moving it forward another day. Redirection failed. All plugins are off except for Redirection. Still not creating redirects. Theme is Divi with a child theme.

    I checked “Monitor changes to posts”

    For “URL Monitor Changes” I selected “Modified Posts”

    For “Create associated redirect (added to URL)” I put in “/redirected”

    I then went in and changed the publication date of one of the posts from “/2017/12/14/gallery-only-test/” to “/2017/12/16/gallery-only-test/”

    When I put “[website]/2017/12/14/gallery-only-test/” into my browser it says “The page you requested cannot be found”

    What am I doing wrong?

    Called my hosting company. It was being blocked by the firewall. They opened the door for this sort of thing and we are back up and running. So, not the plugin’s fault.

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