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  • lotgrafix


    i dont know why i cant post a new topic but anyway…

    to the point…
    my excerpts aren’t working either, but maybe i found where’s the issue.

    i have my own template that i have used thru years already,
    and template is fully working on all my wp sites except one,
    my template is not working in my wpmu instalation.

    i spent 3 days looking for answers and nothing,
    i changed the_excerpt to get_the_excerpt,
    i tried the_content(get_the_content(),30),
    and a few more different things and nothing.

    so, i had an idea, i ended up installing twentynineteen theme…

    wp2019 was showing full content of every post on the homepage,
    then i changed within the theme, the_content for the_excerpt and voalá,
    it didnt showed!

    the_excerpt is only working if i fill up the excerpt area in the post editor,
    but if i leave the excerpt blank, it doesnt,
    is not extracting the content first XX words.

    ps: every other function works perfectly without any issue.

    I hope this info can help a lot to solve this global issue.

    ps: unblock me please so i can start a new topic any other day…

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    i had the same issue and that worked.

    define('SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL', false);


    no, that must be done by an update.

    this payment feature is great but needs that small adjustment.

    Oh ok, just remember that paypal and stripe are not the only payments methods that exists.

    can you make that if i add other options, then skips paypal/stripe and redirects directly to /thanks page? it would be a nice update for your plugin.

    thanks for your help.

    you didnt understand my question… i added VARIOUS beside paypal and stripe…

    and others

    and no matter which one i select, it still sends me to paypal instead of /thanks page directly.

    and no, is not resolved this issue.

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    i just reinstalled gutenberg… and no no no… this is fully annoying, i cant even take notes about issues to fix this cause everything is a mess.


    1. text area… difficult to set things as you like from the very start
      • spotlight view… no worth
      • not spotlight… a bit better
      • unified toolbar… no worth (is at the top, this is not a program, is a text editor)
      • not unified… interrupts everything (in the very middle instead aside)
      • autosave… bothers too much
      • the menu… really sux and is badly distributed
      • add image… too slow to show an already uploaded small image, after you insert an image and you move that image to anyplace, you really need that undo button!
      • edit page slug… sends me to permalinks… WOW, really???
      • blocks… worst idea ever, this is hateful, really annoying!!! do i really have to click,click,click to do things in a hidden place?
      • settings… i spent 5 minutes to discover that the settings icon is for the post and not wp settings… it was my last resort… you really hit the bucket on this one.


    1. it slows your workflow drastically
      • it seems more like a bad made page builder
      • it looks more like a front-end editor than anything else
      • i worked with wix once and this is similar or worst (wix sux)
      • too much white space for nothing that can be of use
      • everything is hidden… a very stupid idea when editing
      • hard to edit after configuring an image aside of some text and the view is a mess, i really needed the undo button… now i know why that button is so big!
      • drag&drop if far better than arrows to move your content like blocks..

    note: i clicked on – embed > twitter, it just asked me to add an url… but.. how does it look in the front-end? do i really have to click on preview (the only visible button) to see how it looks? have you try how hard is to set various socials side by side? im sure you havent tried yourself… im sure you will give 1 star too after that XD

    developers know nothing about end-user necessities – they have to stop thinking that if code is beautiful, is equal to a standing ovation cause is not…

    RESUME: gutenberg is a crazy idea, not compatible with everyday worker in any way, is just a beautiful view with an awful concept.

    im telling you… dont add this crap to wp… the majority already spoke!

    WP will pay the price like myspace did if they dare to add this in their next realease.

    dont lose your time fixing this, not every project is perfect, give up this one.

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    i forgot… other issues! mmmm i uninstalled it in less than 3 mins for its difficulty, so give me a second chance to do a real test.

    but like i said, and im gonna repeat it, this editor is not wp, thats why people are keep saying to leave this as a plugin (like askiment). And 1 last thing, no matter how beautiful this “gutenberg” ends… if this is made a core, people already wont like it, so please dont go against the majority cause things will fall in a blink of an eye.

    i reed tons of threads btw

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    @ogalinski im trying to help and you try to make fun of me? thats funny!

    i dont use github cause immediately appears tons of duplicates of your job… im not gonna create an idea, plugin or whatever in a place that everyone steals your idea to make their own mod. only once did and only once will happen to me again… and after i quit github, i made like $6k in 2 years with the plugin i created (that i started on git) with a friend of mine. so dont mention things that even doesnt are for this thread if you havent experimented real deals.

    @anevins give me a link to speak without interruptions and close this thread, im not interested in popping ideas freely. im not that kind of person. and less more if some people that doesnt help in any way, like to criticize others.

    si hacen esto parte de wp, se caerá como myspace se cayó cuando cambiaron la interface del usuario… es gracioso como los desarrolladores peinsan que porque hicieron algo que parece innovador, es sinonimo de que los que usamos wp, lo aceptaremos asi porque asi, cuando resulta que la mejor opinion que ellos pueden buscar no es la de ellos mismos como desarrolladores, sino la de nosotros como usuarios.

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    hi wickywills,

    dont misunderstand me, when i said is no worth, i mean it,
    i love wp -> as it is! and it seems that most of us too!

    This “plugin” changes to much the essence of what is wp.

    i can give you some tips to make this plugin better,
    but if wp devs are planning to make this a core…
    wp will fall like did when they changed admin
    user interface, so wp devs have to be careful about this.

    btw, im a front-end web developer, art designer and merchant for almost 20 years, so i can help with some ideas, but to tell you the truth, according to the other comments/rating/opinions, you will waste your time developing this.

    ill check gutenberg tonight & tomorrow and create an real UI demo at photoshop as it should look, so people can handle with easy without screaming.

    the look is the first step you should present to people, if people dont like how it looks, you can have the best inner code ever and the project still sucks. remember that people buys with their eyes, no one cares about the inside.

    ok for you?

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    i love wp a lot and i would like to help if possible.

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    ok, thanks

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    ok… it was a greedy scroll function, but what i dont understand is why it happens, cause tabs must not have “#” but ok… ill fix my code instead.

    i can do that but if i do an update, my changes will be undone, right?

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