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  • Oops … sorry for my ignorance, my site does not have the comment form enabled and I thought that disabling them also in Clearfy would not cause any inconvenience. I do not know why the feed is generating a section with comments, but that is another thing that I will have to see in the configuration of WordPress .. The problem is solved, thanks for your help and your time .. they have a great plugin.

    Thanks for responding, I followed your guidance and I could solve it, this is what I did: Install and activate Wordfence Assistant, run the option Remove all Wordfence Data in the Database and elsewhere, then delete Wordfence, reinstall it and activate it without any problem , everything seems fine now .. great plugin, thanks for your time.

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    It’s already solved, I’m sorry, it was not your complement’s fault, rather, wordpress was creating an infinite loop in a publication, that’s why your plugin was trying to solve the situation .. I corrected the original publication and everything is now correctly, thank you for your time … you always learn something new.

    In Debug settings it says this:
    This is extremely dangerous, will break your current translations, and could cause severe hickups, only if you really know what you are doing.

    This scares me a bit, I do not know why enabling debug logging could break the translations, but I need to resolve this. Should I create this file manually (error_log or debug_log or something similar) in the plugin folder so that the debug information is saved there or the plugin will create this file automatically ?, Once activated and configured these options where I will see the information thrown on possible errors? … excuse my ignorance.

    Here is something about WordPress Heartbeat

    I will try to explain to you again what is wrong: When making or updating a publication Transposh starts with the translation, but then it stops and I have to click again on the update or publish button to continue with the translation, this last step I must do it two or three times so that the publication is completely transduced or so that Transposh indicates to me that there is nothing to translate. I am trying to investigate the cause of this behavior to try to solve it.

    Thanks for the information, that leaves me more calm, however I need to find out what is interfering with the proper functioning of this plugin. This could be related to Heartbeat ?, if I disable or limit the use of Heartbeat, can this interfere with the proper performance of Transposh? Can this be the cause of translation interruptions?

    Hello again, analyzing in detail the error_log of my site I found that there are other warnings that are constantly repeated:

    PHP Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘whippet_disable_embeds_rewrites’ not found or invalid function name in /public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 286

    They have closed this ticket and have marked it as resolved, but it is clear, to anyone who looks at this, that the matter is not resolved. Coincidentally they have cited the example that I quote in my original query and that does not fit my problem. In the forums of independent help they do not allow to formulate consultations on on plugin of third, is something complicated, nevertheless I keep breaking my site at every moment trying to solve this subject.

    Hello, thanks for answering, i know that the solution to my problem is in the use of this filter (wpseo_xml_sitemap_img_src) as i indicated in my original question, the problem is that all the web only appears a single example of the use of this filter and it is to change the path of the images when a CDN is used. I would not have to give a personalized code, with some examples would be enough to reach the solution by myself, it has been somewhat difficult, it is like being blind, if you ask my question here is because i did not find the solution elsewhere, maybe another more experienced user that I can show me an example of said filter in action.

    Hello, sorry for the delay in responding, I was looking for the solution and the cause of the problem. After several tests i could find the cause, a function of the Yoast Seo plugin came into conflict with your plugin. This was the function: Redirect ugly URLs to clean permalinks, when this function was active and your plugin was also active it caused the problem described. I reported this situation to the Yoast Seo team, they updated their complement and everything is resolved. Thanks again for your prompt reaction.

    It is correct, the update solved the problem mentioned in this ticket. I have two more queries, but I will create a new ticket and put this as solved. Thanks for your quick reaction.

    So i should not do anything, just wait for a new update?

    Clean and fast, it has been a perfect solution, everything worked correctly. Thanks for your help, you have a great product, I wish you luck.

    The author of the plugin does not respond, apparently does not know how to solve it or not interested, however the final solution has been very simple, uninstall AMP from my site and everything is solved. This situation affected the SEO of my site negatively, Google interpreted all this as if I was cheating my visitors, increased the bounce rate, visitors were reduced and the permanence of my site went from 6-5 minutes to last only an average of 14 seconds per visitor. I put a lot of effort to the fact that the AMP version of my site worked correctly but unfortunately it has been a bad experience.

    Hello, I have solved the problem, your suggestion did not help me, i had to update the complete database. In the process i discovered some things, the problem was not in the cache plugin, the instability and the erratic operation of the visits counter was caused by the management plugin of the AMP version of my site. Disable your visit counter in the AMP version and everything went back to normal, i put those details here in case they can serve someone. Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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