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  • Hello Brice, I am also worried about this. I hope Cristian will give us an answer and let us know what to expect.

    Starting from the 14th of september, I will check stripe panel daily.If I see any payment failure, I will leave s2member immediately. It takes years to build a business onlines, can’t lose customers because a plugin stops working. Very sadly, I will leave s2member.

    Supposing s2member is fixed at the end of September, it will be too late if I already will have changed to a new system. For this reason is important that Clavaque gives an answer: will s2member be ready the 14th of September? At the end of the month? Next year? If I know, I can choose. If I don’t know, I am forced to leave.

    best wishes

    What Automattic going to do is with Gutenberg a deliberate act of prevarication.

    The “classic editor plugin” is going to be like the South African Apartheid, or the Indian Reservations for the Native American Tribes. I don’t think free people should accept it.

    It seemed they solved the issue really fast, with a new release. From now on, when I update Mailpoet I will check CPU time usage on my website, to check there is not a similar problem.
    Any opinions about Mailster? I like Mailpoet but I will consider that alternative, if Mailpoet causes problems again

    Thanks for your answer. Did you try Mailster? It seems to be a similar WordPress application, it’s even cheaper than Mailpoet.

    I installed Mailpoet 3 a couple of months ago, yesterday after I made a backup with Updraftplus, my CPU usage jumped to 100x the usual usage. I consumed in 18 hours what is allowed for one week. I am on a shared Growbig plan on Siteground. After some tests, I realized Mailpoet is causing this issue, and I was on the “visitors” option as well.
    I tryed to change it to Mailpoet script and back to “visitors” but I had to disable the plugin again, it’s not working.
    Did you discover anything new about that? My plan was to buy the plugin when I reach 2000 visitors, I am not too far from there, but now I think I will have to find a different soluzion, unless I can fix this problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)