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  • I just don’t know what to think. I feel so discouraged with this plugin. I have displayed their ads since May of last year. I have well over $200 due me and I have never received a penny. This morning my earnings dashboard is not displaying. I can only hope they are changing the dashboards as promised. 🙁

    My menu and my widgets reappeared on the ipad when I turned off the mobile setting and made certain the layout was ‘fixed’. (not fluid or hybrid). Now it looks right again.

    still waiting and hoping for an answer. I have gathered it has something to do with ‘clearfix’ and the mag thumbnail. so out of my depth!

    I now have another pin that has gone to zero. It sounds like we need a plugin-in of some sort that will ‘force’ the correct counts from pinterest. I’ve started keeping track of the pinterest id # for each picture I pin from my site so I can see what the actual counts are. Pinterest told me that I seem to be the only one complaining about this problem… If you haven’t written in and complained, please do so. They want to up-sell me promoted pins. But the idea of paying money for improved views that would simply show ‘0’ is too painful.



    I’ve also had pin counts disappear and reset to 0. (4 posts over the past 2 months). I am so relieved to find this thread. I thought it was just my site. I’ve written pinterest support several times and in one of the letters they said it was definitely something on their end. The most recent note said they were working on it even if I didn’t hear from them again and they closed the ticket. However they have not listed as one of the things they are fixing on the support page. It has been very frustrating as some of you have expressed, i’ve had some posts that had about 200 pins that just disappeared. I’m about ready to turn off the bubbles on my site. The big question is for me is: are the disappearing pins hurting my sites analytics?

    After clearing the cache and trying again, I still went to the Access Denied page. 🙁
    what can I try now?

    Hi, So i just got off the phone with my webhost IT and they couldn’t register either, it just kept them re-entering the password and trying again and went no where. We turned off SS and the IT registered, no problem.
    After we hung up I went to the SS Options panel and unchecked the redirect to my custom rejection page and then tried again. When I tried to register again, it simply took me to the standard ‘Access Denied
    This site is protected by the Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin.’ That’s better, but still not appropriate. Sadly, until SS stops labeling everything as ‘cached bad IP’ and rejecting everyone it is unusable. I hope there is an update scheduled. Truly, you could charge for this plugin.

    Ok, so after I got your note, (very appreciated), I turned SS back on and tried a registration from a mobile device. The browser came back with a ‘too many redirects’ error. Then I went and looked in the ‘recent activity log’ on the SS History page. The reason it gives every time for anyone trying to sign up is ‘cached bad ip’. It also seems to go to the directed rejection page about 20-50 times in a matter of seconds, hence the ‘too many redirects’, i’m guessing. So I’m on hold with the IT guys of my webhost hoping for guidance there. But truly if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them. This really is simply the best registration filter there is. Thanks, Laura

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)