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  • Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the swift replies!

    Yes, when I checked I was seeing errors.

    Upon further examination I discovered that for whatever reason (this test was in an older Windows 7 VM) IE 11 was running the Intranet site in document mode 7.

    Once I went into the settings and unchecked the box for IE to run Intranet sites in compatibility mode, I refreshed the page and saw the toolbar.

    The icons were still not displaying in IE, but when I clicked on them they worked as expected.

    I installed Chrome and tested the site with it and when hovering over the toolbar I could see the icons, but they were half on/off the toolbar like you showed in your screen shot.

    So functionally at least things are working except for in IE.

    Is there a way to change the settings so that it works with Twenty Seventeen?

    Or what am I looking for in a theme?

    I tried a couple of others and they worked a little better in Chrome, but still nothing in IE.

    I REALLY like your plugin and want to use it, but I know that at least 50% of my potential audience will be running IE.

    BTW – when I view the example on your site mentioned above (even in IE) it looks and works as expected with the icons showing during the hover.

    Thanks again for your help and advice (and for creating this great plugin)!


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    I see what you're getting at and can appreciate your desire: essentially being able to use WP MS to manage multiple sites via a single installation, but being able to have full conceptual separation between the sites (plugins, themes, users, etc). Sometimes you want to facilitate running multiple sites instead of a network.


    I'm not convinced that this is viable with how things are architected now, but for that reason (and I like challenges) it's worth investigating in the future.

    That’s great!

    If you decide to pursue it and want someone to do testing, just let me know.


    LANSRAD: Have you activated the test user before attempting to registering a second user with that email (or otherwise trying to use that test user for anything)?

    Yes I had caught that one from your docs.

    The error you pasted above pertains to username and not email.

    I saw that, but since the error message above ( line 3 ) also said the E-mail address had already been used, it seemed related.

    For the second subsite, this plugin allows you to re-use the same email as used for another account. But you can't re-use an existing username.

    That is unfortunate – I thought that your plugin would provide a missing link that could solve a serious need for WP Multisite.

    The goal here is to allow WP Multisite to be used by developers as a tool to manage a “controlled” set of WP sites. However these sites would be not a part of a network per se ( like a site with multiple blogs ), but rather independent sites that use the domain mapping plugin to map an external domain like to

    Since these sites are not related at all, it is imortant that a user be able to visit more than one hosted site and still use the same name and E-mail address.

    Perhaps you could consider that as an option to your plugin ( to be able to re-use the user name as well as the E-mail address ), or of creating a derived plugin that could accomplish this.

    Such a capability would really open up a new way to use WP Multisite.

    The developer could setup and manage multiple WP sites with ease, map the external domains to them and also be able to have a controlled environment (where only approved/provided themes and plugins can be installed).

    If you can make this possible, you’d be a big time hero of a lot of folks!


    First off – THANKS for the plugin. It is much needed!

    However in testing, it seems to be broken with WP Multisite 3.3.1.

    When I attempt to add my test user to the second website (with the same E-mail address) I get these errors:

    Sorry, that username already exists!
    That username is currently reserved but may be available in a couple of days.
    That email address has already been used. Please check your inbox for an activation email. It will become available in a couple of days if you do nothing.

    Any ideas or does the plugin need to be updated?


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