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  • The only things I can think of are:

    1. It’s just a bad/corrupt/partial export.
    2. The host has something locked down for “security.” (missing button)
    3. Database/software incompatibility. (Shouldn’t be this.)

    If the stinkin’ thing wasn’t 5 years old, I’d say to try another WP version BUT I don’t think that would help because you would have to try several. Plus, the host probably wouldn’t want you to do that because of the major security issues that could affect others, if this is on shared hosting.

    Any chance that he has another export file squirreled away in an old folder? I’m really wondering if this one is damaged.

    Just for your future reference, you may want to talk to hosting support to find out if they have any sort of restrictions to upload/install dates and if they have battened down the hatches too tight in this instance.


    If you are really nervous about doing this, you may want to watch someone do it several times. There are people who have done videos about it. However, when you do it, use the instructions t-p gave you.

    I did this when I first started and it helped me to understand what the WP instructions were telling me to do. Nothing like having a “visual.”

    Best of luck.

    You are very welcome! 😀 Don’t forget to download all of your WP work to your computer (including the database) so you’ll have a copy of the files if there is an “Oops” along the line. That has saved me bunches of times.

    Let us know if you need anything else.

    That is what I was wondering too. (Great minds and all that stuff) Could your browser be blocking the button?

    Let’s see if we can troubleshoot this thing together. Do you have any plugins installed and activated? If so, you may want to try deactivating them and trying the import again. In my experience, the imports can take what seems like forever, depending on how much stuff was included in the backup/export file.

    Oh, and by the way, we were all new at this at some point. You’re trying something new and learning, which is great! So many people are too afraid to even try so keep up the good work. You can do this.

    In those instructions, they are just talking about WordPress files & folders. Basically, you are just separating the WP items from the TP files at this point by moving ALL of the WP things into a new folder of its own. In this case, you would leave the old TextPattern files alone until you get ready to go live with the WP site, because you still need for them to be seen. Make sure you keep the “TextPattern index” with the TextPattern files.

    Thanks. I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. 😉

    Do you know what WP version that import was associated with?


    You may want to check with the theme author to see if anyone else is having the same issue. I do apologize, it’s been 20+ years since I took French in school and even longer since I read any. 😉

    Thank you. Can you mouse-over the link and tell me if it goes to your own RSS or a different site?

    Thank you.

    Hello Florence,

    Is there a link in or with that message?



    When you said you tried importing it, can you give me a little more info about the steps or technique you used?


    I wanted to make sure we’re talking about the same thing so…
    When you said you click on “the blog title,” exactly what are the words you are referring to?

    When I go to the link you supplied in the original post (ending with “news”), I see a lot of articles/posts with non-clickable titles at the top and a short excerpt below each. Then, below the article excerpts, I see 3 pictures and below that, a table.

    Is this what you see on the “news” page?

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    Hey greyhawk,

    I believe Colin was referring to installing the WP files into their own folder, rather than directly into the “.com” folder, where they would be loose and intermingled with other files.

    The link Colin provided tells you how to do that. If the DNS is already directed to the .com folder for the website, it’s just a matter of making a few changes and adding the WordPress index into the right place so that it pulls instead of the old index from the previous site.


    If your theme or a plugin gives you the ability to set the content limit, excerpt or how much content is seen in a specific area, you may want to check that. I’m not familiar with your theme so I can’t tell for sure if that is the issue.

    Also, some themes have a feature that only pulls the text from a post/page. If this is a fairly new theme to you, you may want to consult the theme documentation and/or the provider. I don’t believe this is an issue with the WordPress install.

    Hope this helps you find the solution you need.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)