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  • kperrow


    I was told this would be fixed in next update. When I asked for an ETA I was told ‘next few weeks’. Hence asked for a refund as I can’t wait a few weeks ( next few weeks to me can be anything from 1 week to couple of months ). This seems a fair request considering your booking integration version has a serious bug, I know you don’t seem this as important at all but Admin users not being able to update their vendors products or approve them is a serious issue for anyone setting the Vendor products to be approved first or needs to edit the content.

    You have said you have a fair amount of bugs to fix in email. I can see this using your system. Generally I more than understanding when waiting for a fix but when given a next few weeks seems unfair.

    You have so far only addressed one of the issues, When I asked for assistance with another issue the response given to me was that your coding wasn’t working properly:

    “Some of this may be able to be done with custom coding; however, at this time something is not working properly with the code that we use for Required fields. Our lead developer is aware of this issue and will hopefully have the fix for it in our next release.”

    There are bugs in your system. I’m not entertaining this further. My partner asked nicely for a refund as you did not disclose the bugs in the system and you flatly denied it. I have come on here to ensure that people are aware of bugs in your system – that way they then have the opportunity to be aware of the bugs before they buy – it is called an INFORMED decision… buyers in this country (and yes you live in the same state as me) are entitled to make an informed decision. If they choose to still continue to buy it, at least they are aware.

    As my partner mentioned – which you have called “snark reply” – she said that your plugin was probably the best on the market even though it had bugs and she wished you all the best for your future business – here are her exact words:

    ” I do truly hope that you can get the issues fixed because you do have a great plugin – and trust me I’ve reviewed the top 5 and they are definitely lacking but yours has a lot to offer – just sadly… it doesn’t work with my major issue. ”

    As for her informing you that we were putting in a dispute to paypal – well fair is fair… we have paid for something that has its bugs, and was never disclosed… so we can’t use it… it is called fair trade!

    Unfortunately our lead times to our clients are not “No, I do not have a time for the next release, but I do believe it to be within the next few weeks”

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)