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  • Glad I could help πŸ™‚



    Hi there,

    To have that tag here on, the theme has to have an accessibility review done by the theme review team, and that hasn’t happened yet. So while it should have the same accessibility features as the version, it hasn’t been specifically reviewed for that according to the standards the theme team over here uses.

    I’m not able to tell you whether there are plans to submit this theme for an accessibility review in the near future.

    Thanks for letting us know you found the cause πŸ™‚

    Hello Fran,

    Are you using the Gutenberg plugin? Quadrat relies on the new Full Site Editing features being worked on in that plugin, so it’s required for this theme to work at the moment:

    If you are using Gutenberg, try disabling all other plugins except for Gutenberg to rule out a possible plugin conflict with the theme. Let us know the results.

    Hi Dumitru,

    Sorry we initially missed this thread.

    Do you have a link to a site where this issue is visible?

    And can you give an example of a video that would require the custom HTML block to embed? Most popular video hosting services should have their own embed blocks where you can use oEmbed, i.e. embed by just pasting in the video URL, so it wouldn’t surprise me if using the HTML block for video embeds is simply something that hasn’t been considered.

    Hi there,

    Sorry we initially missed this thread.

    We’ve released new versions of Blockbase and Quadrat since you created this thread. Can you please check if you still have this problem after updating to the newest version of these themes, and of Gutenberg?

    Hi there,

    Sorry for missing this thread initially.

    Are you still seeing this issue when you update to the newest versions of WordPress, Gutenberg, and Blockbase?

    Hi there,

    Sorry we missed your question initially, but thanks for going ahead and also opening a GitHub issue. It looks like this issue has since been fixed in response to that.

    Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

    Hi there,

    Do you have a specific question, or is there something not working in this theme on your site?

    The Dyad-2 version of this theme is not available on, but can only be downloaded from the theme showcase page, or installed via Jetpack, so you won’t find any changelog for updates here. The only recent changes to this theme on were to add new translations of the theme.

    Hi there,

    It’s not your CSS, no – on my test site adding that makes no difference, and like Jerry, I see the images properly cropped.

    Then I compared the code your site shows in the browser inspector to what I see on my site, and I notice your site has an extra span element wrapping the second image in the gallery: (temporary screen shot)

    It’s not present on the first image, and it’s not present in the gallery on my site at all. The image-big class on that span changes the element’s display attribute to block, which is causing the problem.

    Looking at the theme’s source code, that span is added when an image with a caption is wider that 767px, but you don’t have a caption on that image, and I can’t replicate the issue with your images even when adding a caption to my test site, so there must be something else triggering the code that’s adding that additional span and class.

    But check if the problem is resolved if you use an image smaller than 767px wide, in place of the current 1600px-wide image.

    Also perhaps check if disabling plugins on your site fixes it. If not, then at least we’ve ruled out plugins as a possible cause.

    Thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

    Hi there,

    There hasn’t been any recent updates to this theme, but it could be that a plugin update has introduced a conflict. I also don’t see any errors when I enable this theme on a test site, which further points to it being something specific to your site.

    Please disable all plugins on your site. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of the problem.

    If you are able to install plugins, install Health Check. On the troubleshooting tab, you can click the button to disable all plugins and change the theme for you, while you’re still logged in, without affecting normal visitors to your site.

    Let us know the results.

    Yay πŸ™‚

    Glad I could help!

    Have you tried the code I provided to you above? There is no :active in my code, and my version works exactly the way you describe on my test site with this theme active.

    If my code is not working on your site, it means there’s other CSS on your site that’s overriding it, either custom CSS or something added by a plugin.

    I’d need a link to your actual site to help any further with this.

    Hi there,

    This code should do the trick: a {
    	border-bottom: 1px solid rgb(60, 74,74);

    The underline that appears on menu links when you hover is actually a border, not a text-decoration, so I’ve used the same method to create an underline for the current menu item so it looks the same. If you use text-decoration you’ll see it’s right up against the text, which doesn’t look that nice.

    The color value is the same as the color used for menu items on a default installation of Seedlet. You’re welcome to substitute that with another color if you want.

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