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  • Yes, I removed your plugin because even with the browser cache, the plugin cache and the CDN cache all cleared – it still wasn’t fixed. Roboto doesn’t show up at all for me but I know you must be seeing something I’m not because that’s an old font from my last theme.

    I checked Lighthouse from the browser and went to Google Page Speed right after you posted and the identical font errors keep showing up.

    I’m not angry or even disappointed – it’s the story of my life obsessing over the tiniest things to make Google happy even though I have a global reach and if people are on 3G still – that’s not really my customer. Doing all these itty bitty things for an audience that has no meaningful impact on the developed world (i.e., people on 4G or higher broadband) is just not worth my time.

    Keeping Google happy…is my only goal. Like I said, I’ll hire someone next week to fix the speed optimization issues. I’ll be happy to get it from an average of 87 to 91 as long as I see green. Earlier Pagespeed results even showed 97. Their stuff is all over the map. Thanks!

    Roboto is an old font from my previous theme. My caching plugin must be picking it up and I can deactivate that option in WP Fastest Cache. However, that never showed up in Lighthouse.

    I don’t see how clearing the cache fixed the issue. Seriously? I just checked it again in Lighthouse and then used Google Page Speed and the errors are identical. No Roboto but Hind, Montserrat and the Customizr woff2 show up in both.

    I spent hours yesterday trying to clear these issues and cleared my plugin cache, my CDN cache and browser cache a multitude of times. I even disabled my CDN to work on it and nothing removed those errors – which still show for up for me.

    I appreciate you taking the time to look at it. I’m going to have it professionally taken care of next week. I’ve got to get back to generating content.

    Thanks again!

    Thanks for the response. However, there’s not really a need. To be honest, AMP isn’t going to make my posts load any faster. It’s already designed for optimum mobile speed and Google understands to serve the correct version as opposed to desktop.

    I am currently unable to set up a staging site with my account because it exceeds the amount of storage I have due to a very large site that I’ve been operating since 2007 and I’m not paying three times as much for my hosting. It’s not worth it.

    Like I’ve said, I’ve done it twice before and it was a headache getting it all cleared out once I realized it wasn’t supported. According to AMP it is now but I just don’t have the time nor patience to deal with it.

    I do appreciate your offer but I’m going to decline.

    Thanks again.

    You’re right in that WordPress is stripping it out. It does the same with the Author bio/description as well – which I just updated using HTML markup and took it effortlessly.

    However, when I attempt to add markup for a category description with a thumbnail representing the category – it strips it out. Since I’ve never used a plugin to make that work and there are plently of examples on my site, I thought I’d ask.

    Anyway, thanks for the plugin referrals. I’ll check them out and see if they work for me but I’ll likely see if there is some code I can add to the funciton.php file first that will achieve the same thing. If not – yet another plugin for a seemingly small task.

    Thanks again!

    Hey James, I fixed the issue. The problem is with the lazy loading option in Jetpack. Once disabled – it worked as expected. I then just enabled it in my caching plugin WP Fastest Cache (it had been disabled) and all is working fine now.

    Here you go: This is the homepage.

    You’ll notice the first row is cut off and the full excerpt with the “read more, stream, and download” link is missing. For some reason, it does not affect the subsequent rows.

    It does the same thing on tags and categories as well. A simple refresh resolved the issue but I don’t expect that to be the behavior on the initial encounter of the site or any page.

    They previously fixed themselves but just now – I went and added the sharing option in Jetpack and it’s doing it again. There’s something funky going on with the plugin that causes this issue.

    I set up the excerpts on the main page myself but the first row gets cut off anytime I make a change in Jetpack. It’s a bit annoying. I’ll clear my caching plugin, CDN and browser to see if that fixes the issue.

    Not even sure how it got fixed before but maybe that’s the problem. We’ll see. Thanks for responding.

    I don’t care anymore.

    Hey Angelo,

    That’s fine. It’s tricky but even YouTube hasn’t been able to figure it out. SoundCloud converts files to .ts, which is video format but still easy to overcome.

    Stack Overflow has some tricks that users can employ with a specific ID associated for each episode without the actual URL is probably the best option but difficult to implement.

    I had tested the problem multiple times on my site and on my twin site for Podbean by clearing my cache and in incognito mode without being logged in. It worked every time.

    I brought it to their attention and provided them with the basic tools I used like Internet Download Manager and Edit Pad Lite. They denied there was an issue and said they couldn’t duplicate the problem using these tools.

    Ironically, the free grab downloads for premium content stopped after they sent that email to me 5 days after I had brought it to their attention. Clearly, they have something in place in the background and fixed whatever bug that was allowing it to be overwritten.

    As a result, my subscriptions suddenly went up. Is there a correlation? I’m betting there is.

    Sorry for responding so late. I’ve been inundated with work since June.

    I appreciate you looking into it.

    Hey Angelo – thanks for the response.

    Your current settings allow admins to hide download links or even the player, which is fine. However, I have mixed content on my site. Some of it is free to everyone whereas other content is “premium content” for subscribers only.

    I could set up a subdomain for the premium content but that’s confusing for subscribers a lot more work and separates out the feeds.

    Since these files are hosted elsewhere, I just copy the links over to the PowerPress player. If it’s protected, a pop-up comes up requiring users to log in for playback and/or to download.

    What I am trying to do is mask all download links in the page’s source code. Regardless of whether the files are protected or not, users can copy the source code into a rich text editor and find the file, click it and download it (even when protected). Masking it is not perfect but it will cut down on the majority of users who are not technically inclined on how to break it.

    There are plenty of questions about this in Stack Overflow and elsewhere. Solutions range from JavaScript and PHP protections to encrypting or masking the files in the code. Nothing I seen appears to work though I know it can be done.

    Even my host who protects the content for me shows the links on my personalized website with them when in incognito mode. I’ve brought it to their attention because I really don’t think they’re aware of this. I’ll venture it’s the same with your own hosting service and web pages. Premium content is easily bypassed. In fact, there’s a plethora of information on Google and YouTube on how to do just that.

    Below is a copy of the source code from a single protected file for the song Mad Love. They don’t mask it like I’ve seen elsewhere with numbers and such and no definable URL nor content type but they hide in an alternative manner.

    I was thinking maybe if there is some way to conceal the actual URL within source code to prevent internet download managers from automatically grabbing it and users from identifying within the source code for download.

    Sorry so long. Didn’t mean to make this more complicated than it is. See below:

    [Giant paste removed by moderator. Please put such content on and then put a *link* to that here.]

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    • This reply was modified 6 months, 1 week ago by Steve Stern.

    I just figured since it’s part of WordPress it would work. That’s okay. I came up with some workarounds that achieve what I needed.

    Thank you I found it in the main section. I was looking in the sub-sections of the layer.

    Please disregard my posts. There’s something else at play. I went back to the Contact 7 form and it has the same issues. When I view the source, I can see the reCAPTCHA is enabled and executed but doesn’t prevent spam messages from coming into my inbox. Also, the badge does not appear at all with v3 in their plugin (even though it’s not hidden) indicating there is some other issue at play.

    I just can’t find any conflicts with my theme nor plugins. I’ll post in Google’s forum to see what can be done. Thanks!

    I set up a staging site and created new keys for the reCAPTCHA. First, I changed to the Twenty Seventeen theme and that did not resolve the issue.

    Then I switched back to the Child theme of Customizr Pro and deactivated all of the plugins except WP Forms. It still does not work.

    Beyond that, I’m at a loss as to why this isn’t working.

    Here’s a capture showing it enabled. I’ll be setting up the staging site shortly to troubleshoot.


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