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  • That did it. Removed code from header and reinstalled. Thanks much !!

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
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    Whoa, I’ll say. Will take me a week to dig through all those…lol. Thats one handy dandy bit of software.

    I find it interesting that you don’t have a problem getting the affiliate ad’s up in IE8. All I get is empty boxes where the ad’s use to be. I have to assume that I have a problem with my IE8 program all of a sudden as it works fine for me in Firefox.

    I had a malware virus get by my firewall two weeks ago. Thought I had it all removed. Seems to be fine at anyrate, but it possibly could be related to that. I’ll start digging through my registry to make sure I got it all.

    Thank you for checking it out. I’ll work on those errors as time permits.

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
    In reply to: Missing Widgets

    no, site has been stable for months. No changes. I have since discovered that it is only when I view the site in IE8, with Firefox, everything is as it should be……

    I have this problem with the Platform Theme. Only way I can access the css files is through the WP-Content file on my server. Frankly, I’m not sharp enough to load up changes to those files via FTP. If someone has come up with a fix for this, I would appriciate hearing about it.

    I’m am experiencing the same problem with the narrow gallery images when viewed with IE 8. I’m usuing the Platform Theme and when I tried entering the code above into the Style.css file It not only didn’t work, but caused the site to malfunction, loosing all my spacing and pictures. I rolled back the changes and everything is back, but I’m still left with this problem of the narrow thumbnails in the NextGen gallerys when I use the List feature. No problem with the slidshow or full size photo browser features.

    Anyone had another work around for this problem? And please, take into account I’m a bit of a lamb at playing with code, thats what plugins are for:)


    Thanks a ton. I will stay on top of the new versions and update when I think I’m ready to handle it. In the meantime, the 0.4.5 version fits my needs to a “T”.


    I love the old version (4.5) and am presently using it on a half dozen of my sites. I updated to the new version and several of my sites and to be honest find it confusing. I’m not a “code smart” person. The old version allows me to have backups mailed to me directly which I find reassureing. But what I miss most, and perhaps just don’t understand how to do with the new version is “restore”. In the past when building a new site, I frequently used the restore feature on the old version. It allowed me to quickly “roll back” to an error free site and try again.

    Could you tell a dummy how to restore with the new version? Or, perhaps if that feature isn’t easy to understand with the new version, how can I get a copy of the old version to reinstall? If I new which files to copy from an existing version I could perhaps give that a try as I have the 4.5 version on several of my sites now.

    I would appreciate any help you could give me.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)