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  • I solved the problem late last night, it seems Yoast doesn’t like long URLs or categories deeper than 1 subs. Removed the plugin and all is fine now.

    Thanks for the response anyway.



    Wonderful, I would never have found that so next time your in may area I’ll happily buy you a coffee J 🙂

    Sorry for the delay in replying.

    It’s a sort of profile page. Some magazines do these pages where the whole page is a image of the person. Then overlayed down the side is a question & answer session. I want to provide the questions in a form and then when they submit the form this sort of profile page is created. I’ve link an example of what I would like to produce (sort of) below.



    I think I solved this by using this plugin “Archive Posts Sort Customize

    Or I used the Content Views

    Hi well first it’s great you respond so quickly.

    I think it’s because I sort some category by TITLE. This is because the title of some are dates so I want to make sure they are listed correctly.

    The plugin I use for this is “Customise Sort for Categories Archives”

    I’m assuming you can’t do much to help so I’ll either leave it or use another way to do PREV – NEXT

    Here’s how I’m using your theme –

    I’ve discovered what the problem was.

    In my posts I use the same content just changed the image for each post. And so each post contained this style code “aligncenter size-full wp-img1123”

    Seems the plugin was picking up the 1123 and the image ID and match that. I assumed it would look for the filename.

    I’ve been there before I came here. I think the area I’ll have problem with is making the sidebar static.

    I notice my thumbs where not showing today, after a few hours code and server checking I went STW website looking for answers.

    The answer I found was my account had been banned, this is because apparently I failed to confirm my email address. Although I had been using the service and must have done so months ago. Apparently they have installed a new email service and I need to read their opt-in rules and agree to them now. Well tell ya what they can stick it it’s not that the service is that good anyway.

    Now are the any plans to use another thumbnail service ? for this plugin or I start work doing my own portfolio pages.

    As I said it’s AZindex plugin.

    These functions are disabled on the server, anyone know if any of these should be enabled for wordpress ?


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    I recently had this, not sure but found some code at the top of an old ceche file I left in the wpcontent root. I had also left the ceche statements in the htaccess file so I assume it would be possible to piggy back those ceche files and redirect.

    Not got around to adding that code but still got the problem with the themes not changing. They are well used themes and they all worked fine once so I suspect it’s a plugin.

    To recap – I want to change the theme to one of about ten I have on the server ready. When I preview any of these non-active themes I don’t see that theme I see the current one that already active. If I activate a new theme nothing changes at the front end.

    Ok I’ve resolved this, thanks again for your help.

    For any clots that fall into this whole this is how I solved it.

    I had moved the 3 tables I needed and changed their prefix to the default – wp_users, wp_usermeta and wp_options.

    I thought all the login details would be contained in them but what I didn’t know was within wp_options the is a field. This field uses the same prefix as your tables. So I athough I had changed the table prefix this field hadn’t been changed.

    So I needed to change the field to ‘wp_user_roles’ when I did that the old login worked and everything is fine in the world.

    I have that already in the database.

    Is the a help file which tell me exactly how users are setup, everything I try I come up against “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Either before I login or after, I need to edit the database tables to get around that. I have the old tables but when I copy them over I get the permissions message so the is something I’m missing.

    That might have worked at the beginning but I’ve moved on from that. To get the site back up I simply changed the prefix in both wp_config and the tables themselves. But when I accessed the site it came up with install.

    Now what I need is a way of creating an admin account.

    Thats as I see because the change forced a re-install and now the only way I can access the dashboard is with this new user and all the options gone.

    I tried simply renaming the old table wp_users, wp_option etc to bring back the old data thinking the old admin account would still work but all I get is the permissions statement.

    I have a fully working front end now but no way to access the admin area.

    If you can help with that that would be great, but eitherway thinks for your time so far.

    I’ve been using phpadmin and I can’t seem to resolve the problem.

    The problem is the plugin that created the posts expects wp_ prefix.

    I didn’t know that and used another more secure prefix.

    I changed the prefix to wp_ tp get the plugin working but couldn’t then login to the admin (as I say above). Now I can get in the admin but onlu as the new admin user. Under that user I dn’t have the posts or options stucture.

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