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  • Okay – finally. Used the Default template and added appropriate HTML to get the look/feel that works. Will probably go back and add CSS to do it properly.

    Thanks for the help – Ken

    Brett – Am not at all sure what you are referring to. With the Simple Staff List plugin I add NO markup to anything. Just type in the Name, Staff Member Bio info, Add a Staff Photo, enter Position, enter Email address and that is it. I put nothing in a table – the plugin adds one staff member at a time – it may use a table format but certainly not my doing.

    Why would an avatar work but not a photo – both are images?

    Thanks – Ken

    Ah – padding was what I was missing – seems to be a really neat plugin. Does it have the ability to ‘dim’ the background image?

    Thanks – Ken Cooper

    Installed the latest version of the plugin on WP 4.9.4 on a Win 7 box. Used my Gmail account to get an authorization code to setup the plugin.

    Created two pages with the following shortcode:
    1. DisplayAlbum: [cws_gpp_albums theme=’grid’ results_page=’displayimages’ show_title=1 show_details=1 num_results=6 ]

    2.DisplayImages: [cws_gpp_images_in_album theme=grid show_title=1 show_details=1 album_title=1]

    Peremalink: Permalink:
    Hence stub used is: “displayimages”

    Regardless of which page I select I get the error message “Sorry there has been a problem with your feed.”

    Would really appreciate help to get this working!

    Thanks – Ken

    P.S. Would consider the Pro version but if cannot get the basic version working certainly will not buy the Pro version.

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    Two questions.

    As regards my initial posting of the album id’s changing. In going back and looking at my notes I realize that I did go into each album and modify the contents by deleting some photos or rearranging the order of some photos in the albums. Is this sufficient for Google to change the album ID?

    The second was browsing the forum and saw a topic saying that they could not get the photonic plugin to work with a mobile device? I did not see a reply to this issue. What is the status of this issue?

    THANKS – Ken

    Issued solved and closed

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    BTW -0 did deactivate all plugins and made no difference.

    Regards – Ken

    BTW – using Genesis and Gallery Pro child theme (by Bloom).

    If I understand your reply correctly – even the caption that shows up under the last two images is NOT due to your editor? So, right-clicking on an image and the corresponding image editor being displayed is not from your plugin?

    Have scanned the forum responses and I have found no references to this – do you know of any?

    Is a very simple popup editor that shows up. Added another post ( that shows the editor popup and the edit window and a couple of comments.

    If anyone knows where this editor is coming from please let me know.

    Thanks – Ken

    Looks like that took care of the images ‘overlapping’. However, the text associated with the fifth image ‘migrates’ up to the fourth image as one narrows the page.

    Many THANKS – Ken

    Ah – THANKS for the reply Michael.

    This morning I went in and completely redid the page – hence it now works. However, very much would prefer to use your plugin as it sure does simplify life to create a Word doc and use it.

    The original code for the issue is here.

    This one does cause the issues I was referring to in the original post.

    Unfortunately, this is a local development. The next week I will be putting it live so I can send you an URL then.

    Removed the space – no difference.
    If I add more than one AlbumID to the filter tag only the first album ‘cover image’ will show and no other photos are available except that first album.

    Bottom line this does do what I want. If I want to display more than one album I can always do the following and show one album with a line between each album. Not as clean as having three album cover images and then selecting the album to display.

    [gallery type='picasa' user_id='' albumid='6302490160689670561'  access='public,protected,private' layout='masonry'  ]
    [gallery type='picasa' user_id='' albumid='6303194787069207905'  access='public,protected,private' layout='masonry'  ]
    [gallery type='picasa' user_id='' albumid='6302483976009486625'  access='public,protected,private' layout='masonry'  ]

    This – does not seem to work. If I put two album IDs in the filter tag – only the first one will display. If I swap the IDs then I get nothing. If I put the second or first ID by itself in an albumid tag they will display.

    The Add Media –> Photonic –> picasa doc, when one creates the shortcut, says:

    If “Display” is “Albums” and you provide a comma-separated list of values here, only these entities will be pulled. Useful if you want to display thumbnails for certain albums only, ignored if an album id is provided above

    Thanks – Ken

    This morning blew away all previous ‘code’ and started from scratch using this URL:

    Used your code:
    [gallery type='picasa' user_id='sayontan' access='public,protected,private' layout='random']
    on my test page (changed the user_id) and worked straight out! This does display ALL albums.

    Then made a change to the short code specifying a sungle album id:
    [gallery type='picasa' user_id='' albumid='6303927593541070049' max_results='5' more='more' access='public,protected,private' layout='masonry' ]

    Behaves properly – great – exactly what want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW getting the albumid from Photonic  Helpers  Picasa/Google Photos  Picasa / Google Photos Album ID Finder
    Really a slick tool!

    Now – do have a problem –

    If I add a second album id:
    [gallery type='picasa' user_id='' albumid='6303927593541070049, 6302480954589190849' max_results='5' more='more' access='public,protected,private' layout='masonry' ]

    I get the following three warning messages and no albums:

    Warning: simplexml_load_string(): Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, ‘<‘ not found in C:\Websites\\wp-content\plugins\photonic\extensions\Photonic_Picasa_Processor.php on line 246

    Warning: simplexml_load_string(): Invalid entity id: 6303927593541070049, 6302480954589190849 in C:\Websites\\wp-content\plugins\photonic\extensions\Photonic_Picasa_Processor.php on line 246

    Warning: simplexml_load_string(): ^ in C:\Websites\\wp-content\plugins\photonic\extensions\Photonic_Picasa_Processor.php on line 246

    How can I, if It is permitted, display the content of 2 (or more) albums?

    Thanks – Ken

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    Yes – THANKS for your kind reply – that was the problem. I switched from the ‘#’ to ‘.’ and all was well.

    Thanks – Ken

    BTW – Am located in Fairhope AL (CST)

    It is now 1606 and the day is correct

    Thanks – Ken

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