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  • @szabesz, I agree. The EU GDPR is absurd.
    I’m pretty sure the only way to be in compliance with EU GDPR requirements would be to build a html/css static website.

    This is a free plugin. If you live in the EU you can just uninstall it. Since the rest of the world doesn’t need to worry about the requirements I would assume the developers of this plugin would only create a EU GDPR compliant version if they could sell it.

    Well, I feel stupid – When I read the directions I took overlay to mean an overlay on top of the popup. (like a gif of ducks walking across the bottom of the popup to draw more attention to it.) – this makes much more sense. That did it!

    Glad you enjoyed my pop up message.
    Thank you.

    This is the demo site:

    On the live site I had to deactivate the plugin until the issue is fixed.
    The live site and the demo site have different themes, different plugins and are on different servers located in different countries.

    The demo site is using the default theme and only the popup plugin – same issue.

    There isn’t something within WooCommerce that calculates shipping?

    Which php file please?

    I’m not positive I understand what you’re asking here. I think you want to know how to change the amount of articles in each section of boxes.

    If so, go to Appearance > Customize Under HomePage Blocks, click on each tab and indicate how many articles you want in each area. You can also indicate the Title of that block and the category.

    If you poke around Customize, you’ll find most of these options. Customize is where you find the theme options.

    Yes. You need to first create a new page, you can title it Home. (Leave it blank)
    Then in Settings > Reading set the static page to the page you just created.
    Then going into Appearance > Customize and I think it is under ‘Homepage Layout’ check the box that reads ‘Use Magazine Style frontpage?’
    Then save.

    …. and done!

    Jan Dembowski (@jdembowski) So you’re saying, you don’t do the job, but you know everything and you refuse to look at the evidence. You sound exactly like the clients who tell me that WordPress is hacker bate and a fake site builder. You are as unwilling to see the issue as they are to realized WordPress.ORG is the best option.

    This is the Feedback forum – I offered feedback in hopes that when others see this feedback they will post the issues they have had on this subject. Unfortunately anyone struggling with this issue will realize rather quickly that their comments will not be taken seriously and will be dismissed by the monitors.

    You keep saying it isnt a thing, because are not a self employed developer so you are not dealing with the issue.

    Just because you are not dealing with an issue doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it only means you do not have the experience to know it exists.

    There is no reason why WordPress.ORG couldn’t simply be renamed as WPFoundation or WPPlatform – it is already being re-branded by many developers in order to distance ourselves to avoid a conflict with clients.

    Thank you for the link to the marketing group, they may be capable of understanding the constant problems faced by developers who use WordPress.

    I would suggest that you start with a simple Google search of the phrase “don’t use WordPress” and start informing all those who wrote articles about WordPress, that it isn’t a thing.

    When you finish that list, I have several other keyword phrases you can Google to let many more thousands of people who have written articles on WordPress – that it isn’t a thing.

    If it’s not a thing, then why are programmers having this issue? It’s all over the web. People are talking about it on FaceBook and Twitter. People are denied paid articles because they use it. Outside the forum, in the real world, it’s a thing. If it wasn’t a thing I wouldn’t have clients showing me articles in magazines about how ‘You shouldn’t let your developer scam you by using WordPress’.

    If people feel it is a fake site then they will not use it. If people are not getting paid for sponsored posts because they use WordPress then they will not use WordPress.
    If WordPress.ORG doesn’t care about it’s reputation and doesn’t care if people use it than people will stop using it and there will be no point in caring on.

    Personally I love using WordPress.ORG – I don’t like the WordPress reputation. Like other programmers, if WordPress becomes to much of a hassle I will use something else. If we all use something else than there will be no more WordPress.

    Right now WordPress and Blogger (BlogSpot) have the same reputation.

    WordPress.COM is no different than Blogger (BlogSpot) – WP.COM is actually a step below Wix.

    Reasons why WordPress.ORG should distance itself from WordPress.COM

    #1. Clearly Businesses do not want a website on WP.COM and they can’t get beyond the name. You say WordPress they immediately stop listening because they have read or been taught that WordPress.COM is not a professional website used by businesses.

    #2. Sponsors/Brands are a little better. However they want to know if you have a “real self hosted WordPress.ORG website” or if you are using the ‘fake’ blog site WordPress.COM.
    I’m a blogger. This is a question I am ask All the Time by Brands.
    The Big Brands don’t want to sponsor articles if the blogger isn’t self hosted. Many of my blogging clients understand that their WordPress blog is self hosted, but that’s where their understanding ends and they can’t explain that to a sponsor.

    Samuel Wood (Otto) (@otto42) If a Blogger is using WordPress.COM they are awarded fewer sponsored articles then if their Blog is Self Hosted using WordPress.ORG – Brands refer to WordPress.COM as a fake site and bloggers lose money because of it. How is it no one seems to know this?

    Have any of you noticed how we treat people who use WordPress.COM when they ask a question on this forum? We all get a little self righteous when responding to people who don’t know the difference between the WP’s and there is a lot of them!

    How am I the only person in this conversation trying to Protect WordPress.ORG’s reputation, while the monitors don’t realize that this is a problem?

    “Why does that matter? Are you concerned for the decline in people who use WordPress?Does this matter at all for an open source project?”

    Yes. Yes, it does! The reputation of WordPress.ORG is important to me, my business and the people I employ.

    WordPress.ORG is no longer just an open source project. There are many developers who only use the self-hosted WordPress platform to develop websites. WordPress.ORG is literally creating jobs and contributing to the economy. WP.ORG is where future great web developers start out. Isn’t that what we want?

    If ‘False Information’ can elect a President, what do you think it could do to an open source project?

    Clients have already been ‘educated’ by dishonest web developers, magazines and management classes. If you don’t know this fact you are living under a rock. We know WordPress.ORG is great, but those who are not developers believe that WordPress is easily hackable and fake. That is the information that is floating around the web, published in magazines and taught in classes by people who don’t know the difference.

    Clearly WordPress.ORG has no idea how to market. We have done nothing to separate ourselves from the Fake .COM version.

    Recently a client read in a magazine that WordPress is no different than Blogger or Wix “a fake website” and insisted I use Joomla.

    WordPress has the reputation of hacker bate and a fake site – get use to it.

    At the bottom of all my contracts I have been forced to write “We do not use the Fake website creaters: WordPress.COM, Blogger or Wiz. We use CMS foundations such as Joomla, ZenCart and WPORG Foundation.”

    We’re doing it to ourselves. WP Foundation is the greatest CMS ever created, but we are limiting it by associating ourselves with WordPress.COM the fake website creater.

    It’s Feedback.



    Typical – every update something goes wrong with the iThemes Exchange plugin. It can’t handle other plugins, or most themes or a change on the server or Mondays.

    I turned off the other plugins and I uploaded an image. So the problem is iThemes Exchange. All the other plugins work fine. Please fix iThemes Exchange so it works with the other plugins.

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