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  • Thanks for the prompt work! It works great now, follows the widget title settings in the theme. I tested going to 0.3 em, and it was a small as the other titles. Then went back to default for my theme, of 1.3 and it works and looks good.
    Since I’m writing, I wonder if there is any reason the actual coin “ID” should or should not be published? Can someone “hi-jack” the coin? Log it even if they have not seen it?
    Thanks, George

    Okay, been a couple of hours. Just reopened WP and TablePress. Now the tables appear as they should. I did see this behavior in another post where you thought it may be a java issue. Whatever it is is annoying, but all is good now.

    Hmmm… I am having a similar issue. Not a multi site. I edited the table just fine, then went to the web page to look at it, noticed I needed to make a change, went back and opened TablePress and no table. When the cursor is in the bar I get the four headed “move” cursor. When I click on the triangle I get a blue circle around the triangle but nothing happens. Have tried on Chrome, Firefox and IE. No luck on any. This happened once before but then I seemed to work later. None of the sections expand or collapse. If they are open they stay open. I can move them around though…. I also just tried on my iPad, the “Table Content” is closed and nothing seems to open it. Both WP and TP are at the latest versions 1.7 and 4.4.2

    I have question on the SK2 plugin. Since it is no longer being actively supported and there are other options I want to completely remove it. Deleting the plugin is no problem, but on the server I want to remove
    wp_sk2_spams, sk2_blacklist and wp_sk2_logs. What I don’t want to do is break something! Can I safely just drop these three tables? I believe so, but not sure when dealing with PHP tables…

    Okay, changed name of plugin directory to oldplugin. Refresh WP page, it deactivated everything and showed them. Renamed directory. Now going back and reactivating one at a time.
    Thanks for the help.

    I tried opening using Internet Explorer also with same results. Move the plugin directories on the server to another location, or will that really screw things up? Not especially wanting to lose my customizations…

    Not really an expert, but do not see anything that looks like an error.
    Here is the page source for Plugin Page.
    If you cannot open, I can paste it in reply.

    Thanks for the time you are using to help me.

    New to 2.9, is one of the bulk actions a delete? I am fairly certain it said Deactivate when I clicked on it, and there was no other warning….

    I see none of those options.
    Hopefully my link here works..

    Well, shutting down Firefox and restarting had no effect. Still see no options other than Add behind the “Manage Plugins”.

    Not seeing any list to view…. just the “Manage –>Add.
    This is using the “Installed” tab in 2.9.
    Add New shows me where I can download…
    Site still seems to be working, so think they are there.
    Firefox 3.0.16. Maybe will shutdown and start over.



    Thanks for the tip and link to other page. I replaced the Var file as shown in the other post and I am back in business now!



    Thanks for the reply. I copied add contents into a new text fiel, named it wp-cron-dashboard.php. Uploaded to server. Went to Plugins, activated it. Went to Dashboard, WP-CRON, see two other tasks:

    Entry #1: Anytime after Wed Oct 29 09:50:29 2008 execute tasks: wp_update_plugins
    Entry #2: Anytime after Wed Oct 29 21:52:47 2008 execute tasks: wp_db_backup_cron
    Current date/time is: Tue Oct 28 23:03:24 20

    No evidence of pending documents to be released. Even went back and changed release date and save it again to see if that would force an update… no such luck. Using WP 2.6.2.

    Thanks for the direction. I don’t think I want to put my blog onto a development version… especially if there is an “entirely new interface for widgets” since it may (or may not) break the ones that do work. So I will report it as you suggest.

    Seems to be more than one or two confused users here. I am using WP 2.3.2, IE 7 with the latest patches. I thought for awhile I was doing something wrong. I had two text widgets in use, tried to add a third with no joy. Then tried to change an exisiting on, again, no success. I found this thread, read down and also found Otto’s comments very odd at the least. Yes it can be done in Firefox, but… when I travel, which is often I go with a laptop from work. I cannot put FF on it due to IT restrictions…. so I am stuck. This is a real problem. It is not limited to backspacing and/or cut and paste. I cannot create a new widget or alter an existing one.
    Hopefully WP support will take notice before long? Is there any other recourse for getting this done?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)