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  • Hi Dagan!

    Tahnks so much for reply!

    I try to explane:

    The data for [variable1], [variable2] should be placed in another textarea like Page Title, maybe it will be better if i show You what i mean: See my concept 🙂

    The red lines show how i think it should work – variables goes to the page by order:

    PageA, PageB, PageC
    Variable1ForPageA, Variab1e1ForPageB, Variable1ForPageC
    Variable2ForPageA, Variable2ForPageB, Variable2ForPageC

    I dont know how many variables should be possible to add, i think every user will ned different number of variables. Mayby it will be better when everybody define it by their own, for example for clicking button:

    “+Add another variable”

    and after clicking there is show new one textarea for variable, and user can repeat operation so many times as they need.

    I hope now You understand me 🙂


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)