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  • It looks like you are a paid broker because the way you wrote two comments in a single review. Besides you also commented like a paid broker in my review. How much did they pay you? Do you have any idea about GPL license? Or the rules of hosting a plugin here? You don’t have any of this. That’s why you dare to talk over the comments of people who have negative feedback including me. Everyone who gave negative rating stated a valid reason. They are not blind. So, don’t point finger at others. If you are happy with this crap then be happy. You don’t have right to take negative about other reviewer. You ain’t author too. So, please don’t act like a paid broker.

    I would not bother to reply you because what I said 100% valid. But I had to reply because you said something wrong about me. For your kind information, I was not upset because it’s paid. I was upset because it’s hosted here. This repository is not anyone’s private hosting TO HOST WHATEVER THE SHIT they want to host. This place has some rules. And the rule is, you can’t host code that’s 100% , read again as you misunderstood a lot, code that’s 100% behind a pay wall. It’s an open source platform and user has right to TRY ANY PLUGINS HERE for free. AT LEAST SOME OPTIONS SHOULD WORK though they can sell premium features for extra money. This this shit is COMPLETELY unusable after installation without paying them. So far I know they were free to try when they first released it..then they have chose this ugly path.

    So, as a WordPress user I DO HAVE 200% right to be upset if some abuses WordPress rule and waste my time.

    Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I really appreciate your help. I will contact the plugins team. I need a business account ONLY to upload the plugin and provide support to that Plugin forum only. I wont use my business account for any other purpose at all. Thanks again.

    Here is the function, calling to this when piklist active generates fatal error, otherwise, it works fine.

    	 * It fetches all saved elementor templates and return it in an array
    	 * @return array
    	function xlaw_get_elementor_tmpl_lists() {
    		if ( ! did_action( 'elementor/loaded' ) ) {
    			return [''=> 'Elementor has been not loaded'];
    		//calling this function before init hook will generate fatal error
    		$templates_query = new WP_Query(
    				'post_type' => 'elementor_library',
    				'post_status' => 'publish',
    				'posts_per_page' => -1,
    				'orderby' => 'title',
    				'order' => 'ASC',
    				'meta_query' => [
    						'key' => '_elementor_template_type',
    						'value' => ['page', 'single'], // we can also use section, widget, header, footer etc.
    		$templates = [];
    		if ( $templates_query->have_posts() ) {
    			$templates = [ '0' => __( 'Default Template', 'xlaw-core' ) ];
    			foreach ( $templates_query->get_posts() as $p ) {
    				/** @var WP_Post $p*/
    				$templates[$p->ID] = $p->post_title;
    		return $templates;

    Thank you very much for your kind understanding and unflagging my account and I am sorry for the language. English is not my first language so I did not know much about the deep meaning of the word dear. I used that word out of respect only. I am sorry again for inappropriate usage. Thank you very much for explaining.

    Hello dear, I was working with a company before and they gave me access to their account that name is aazztech. However, I do not work with that company anymore. I only use my own single account only. Please do not consider that account mine. Please do whatever you think good for that account and kindly unflag my account. I never spam and I will never spam anywhere I promise. If you find me spaming anywhere you can ban me directly. Please unflag my account. otherwise, I just feel like a criminal in this community. Please kindly understand. THanks.

    You are most welcome. And thank you for your reply. I am just worried about custom post type and custom meta box and shortcode especially.
    Here is what I wanna be able to do as a plugin developer when it is added to the core:
    1. I want my old plugins to work fine with its meta box, shortcode and custom post type. If those plugins do not work, it means my company will face a lot of loss and as a result, I will face the consequence for all plugins developed by me.

    2. I want an easy way to create new blocks with detailed documentation and example available in the codex.
    3. I want to be able to create a custom meta box easily like before to collect information about a custom post type so that I can build nice stuff using metadata and shortcode.

    4. I want other major plugins to work without breaking just for Gutenberg. for example, easy digital downloads does not work with Gutenberg right now. It is a huge problem for many users how to use it to run a business.

    5. Gutenberg Block js API should be universal. What I meant, Gutenberg uses an API that should be consistent regardless of update and the js framework they use. In this way, a developer will not have to learn 10 different frameworks like Vuejs or reactjs or angularjs etc to build blocks for Gutenberg, rather he can just learn WordPress API and everything should work behind the scene.

    In short, Gutenberg should be developed in a way that it does not force user or developer to learn a LOOOOT of stuff instantly to use it. Because people already have business to run and they have a little time to learn a new stuff very quickly.

    Thank you very much for your kind understanding


    I had to change another line to make the plugin works.
    at line, 70 of reset-wp.php, the prepare() method was expecting a second argument but it was missing so it thrown an error. so I have fixed that and here is the solution, just replace the line 70 with the following line.

    $query = $wpdb->prepare( “UPDATE $wpdb->users SET user_pass = ‘%s’, user_activation_key = ” WHERE ID = %d “, $user->user_pass, $user_id);

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    I think this is not good to rate a free plugin very bad because it discourage the developer to develop free plugin. Human should be more grateful that they can use a plugin for free . and it takes so much time to build a plugin. and promoting to buy pro version is not bad because this is what they earn their living from. We should really think about this.

    The best way to complain about free plugin is to contact support and tell them about the problem or features to improve but giving poor star rate is very humiliating and ungratefulness I think as a user.

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