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  • Hi empowersource,

    I had a similar problem a few weeks back and just used an alternate stats widget that looked exactly the same. I don’t know what theme you are using, or the widgets available to you, but perhaps you could try and find a replacement until the issue is fixed as I did.

    Good luck!

    I agree MC! I own the developer package for Sitezorigin premium but always end up with Livemesh widgets on my sites. If you haven’t tried any Theme Trust themes, they rock with SO pagebuilder too!



    Hi Kyle,

    Me again 🙂 I had another thought. Do you have email addresses of those with active updated installs and/or a way to aggregate them? I think if you sent out a letter such as the one above to those active installs explaining that the product may disappear due to your new family responsibilities, if it doesn’t start generating some coin, and making it easy to donate with a secure donate form with $10, $20, $30, and “other” buttons, you may make a year’s salary in a very short time.

    I think the problem may be that if users are using the plugin and it is working, they have no reason to come to this support forum, so your note may be viewed by many less than would be ideal.

    Peace out!




    You have a baby to think about and everyone deserves to get paid! I am unfamiliar with Da Rules of WordPress, but I have often wondered why premium plugins are not offered for a 30 day trial like so many other software applications.

    There are many issues with WP plugins and consumers paying for them – a huge factor being if the plugin will meet the needs of the customer as it is very difficult to determine before the install and final design. Another is the ubiquitous horror stories about customers paying and not getting support, or a refund, ending in a non-functioning plugin and cash out of pocket. Some plugin authors put up a “premium” plugin full of promises that don’t deliver and skip out of dodge. I think these are the reasons why people are hesitant to spend a lot of money at the outset.

    As you set up your premium offerings, consider a trial period…if it is practical and able to be done. If this is not feasible programmatically, then it would be best to really think through an automated reimbursement process. If people pay and the final product doesn’t work for some reason, they need their money back quickly to pay for the next attempt.

    Good luck!! I look forward to seeing what you do in the future!






    Hi jonradio,

    I have been researching these issues for quite awhile now (whenever I have time). I am wondering if partnering a Landing Page with the MPS plugin would be the best of both worlds.


    I have been investigating membership plugins for my daughter’s website for quite awhile now just to be sure she and her friends will have the privacy I wish for them to have. It seems these membership plugins have a lot of wrinkles in them and each requires a good deal of set-up to get them working just so. Which makes sense since each website is different and each user has his or her own custom expectation for implementation. In other words membership plugins are not your typical plugin and play WordPress add-on I am sure you are used to using.

    In a recent WordPress install, I remember there being a place where I could assign memory up to a certain amount, so it may be worth your time to follow the suggestion and take a look at your settings on the host end of things. Especially after all the time you have already spent, as I do not think you are going to find a better “free” alternative in the WP ecosystem. I don’t know if this comes into play, but I have seen a number of posts where caching plugins mess things up as well.

    A few more things…

    I run a lot of websites too and I learn many new things each day and doubt I will ever know all there is to know.

    And actually, FREE does kind of mean the developers can choose how and when they support their free product. When was the last time you worked for months for free for people you have never met?

    Most people in this world expect to get paid for the work they do and anyone willing to do ANYTHING for ANYONE for free should be addressed with gratitude and not attitude.

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for the response!

    I installed the basic version but have not had a chance to play with it yet. However I did notice that the site on which I installed it only shows a WP sign-on screen. Is this meant to be used with another plugin? In other words, when someone gets to the screen how are they supposed to create a WP account, or understand what is going on?


    Never mind Jon, I think I found it and did some additional reading. Hotlinking – A bigger issue than I could have imagined. Great tip! Thanks again!

    Ahh, that makes a lot of sense. I only have experience with the one web host thus far. I have been very happy, but since they don’t support multisite, I am thinking I should switch before I get in too deep. Given the various things I would like to do over time, multisite seems to be destined for my future, if not with this application than with other things I am hoping to do. Are you allowed to list the name of the host with the “Hotlinking prevention”, or is that against da Rules (little Fairly Odd Parents reference there 🙂

    Hi Jon and David. A huge THANK YOU for your responses. Jon you are correct in that what I think I am really looking for is an SSO product but kept searching for membership, members, private, etc. which did not readily reveal those products….sometimes a keyword can make all the difference. Eventually I did get there, but it took quite a bit of legwork.

    I hosted the portal domain on Saturday, so everything will be ready for testing this week. I’m just going to go down the list of everything that has been recommended and test each combination until I find one that works. I installed All in one Intranet, but this is of concern: “Note that your media uploads (e.g. photos) will still be accessible to anyone who knows their direct URLs. This the way most privacy plugins work.” I must find a solution that works around this because eventually this will be a place for kids to share and learn so I need to make sure all aspects are private. In my experience when working with gifted kids you need more security than a bank to keep them from doing unauthorized things 🙂 I’m excited to try the My Private Site and SSO combination – thanks for that tip Jon! I’m fine with something in Beta as I am in no particular hurry and would rather set things up right than have to redo everything at a later time.

    I did find one solution that I think will definitely work if I want to switch hosting companies, move my domains and run multisite…so at least I know there is a solution out there.

    In any event I think My Private Site may be a great option to lock things down while under development – I hate the thought of others stumbling upon my awkward and messy pages. Will this prevent my “play” pages from ending up in WayBack Machine and other historical page collectors? If so, that would be AWESOME!

    Truly appreciate both of your responses and input. If one doesn’t exist I would love to see a WP directory with a list of combination themes and plugins where members of the community can post the over-all makeup of their sites so others will know that a particular combination works without the need for extensive trial and error and be able to visit the site to see the various pieces in action. It seems like it would save a lot of time…if I can get my act together, maybe I can figure out how to do it 🙂

    Be Well and thanks again 🙂


    I’m a VERY new WP user but so far so good. I have been having a great time and reading as much as I can BEFORE making choices and changes. As a new user I did want to chime in and agree with Kriselda_Grey: I feel the ability to search by most recently updated plugin is critical to all developers both new and old. Or, maybe conversely, the ability to exclude plugins that have not been updated in the past six months (or some appropriate time period).

    The single biggest time sucker I have had to deal with is the endless wading through plugins to find A) the functionality I need B) the plugin info to see if it is something over my head or within my current skill set. Having older outdated plugins combined with new plugins across two columns is very difficult to work through. I would even go so far as to say a rating system for level of ease would also be very effective in reducing time sucking support questions for plugin developers.

    I also think it should be standard practice to have a video link showing the install and functionality of the plugin as well as the published price of the “premium” functionality. I have no problem paying for what I need to get the job done, but I really dislike that I can’t see the functionality in action first and hunting and pecking through info for the premium price is also very time consuming.

    I would be very interested in being involved on whatever development group deals with these user usability issues.

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