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  • Sorry for a very late response but thank you so much for the help!

    It is configured, the problem is 24 hours thing and it confuses the theme somehow into thinking that it’s the next day.

    Thank you for responding!

    I must come back to here asking the same question for help once again because it persist after I found out that it also showed the weird thing in URL on more than one computers of mine on different internet browsers (chrome, firefox, edge etc). I made a screen video of this so to pinpoint the problem that I need help with.

    Here’s plugins I have:

    Aiskmet Anti-spam
    All in one Favicon
    Exclude Pages from Navigation
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    Google AdSense
    Google Doc Embedder
    Instant Articles for WP
    iOS Images Fixer
    Jetpack by
    Open external links in a new window
    Post Teaser
    TinyMCE Advanced
    Website Tools by AddThis
    WordPress Importer Theme Updates
    WP Accessibility
    WP Super Cache
    Yoast SEO

    And I used the page-level Google Adsense code in the head, I am sure that isn’t a problem because I’ve added it in there before this happened. I believe I started noticing it either:

    1. After the host moved my websites along with several other people’s websites (shared host) to a new server.
    2. Latest 3 installed plugins Cloudflare, WP-Polls and wpDiscuz. The rest has been installed for more than 4-7 years, only these 3-4 plugins were very recent.

    I have deactivated Cloudflare, it still showed that weird thing in the URL and that goes the same with wpDiscuz and WP-Polls. Help would be greatly appreciated!


    It must be something wrong with my internet browsers then. It has to be, since the url are showing normal and correct on your end. Thank you so much for the answer! Happy new year!


    There’s no #? I seen it on both Chrome and Firefox, I have flushed/cleaned caches via cloudfare and used WP super cache. I am still seeing that #. after the title of blog posts. If you click any blog posts on homepage or through 2, 3, 4 etc pages it would take you to a post with that # in URL but if you click the post from homepage THEN click the post within’ inside the post it would show normal URL with only title name of the post.

    Maybe it’s my browser issue then if it’s not showing any to you or it hates me LOL. Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)