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  • Thank you so much for listening our feedback,
    It’s really great to heard back from you. I have found a very similar solution that works something I feel it’s considered not bad. Check out the “Flat” version. It will detect the IP address at first, then type type the ZIP code or city for weather forecast. (Noted: others demo wouldn’t detect IP location, only flat version will)

    But, this sample isn’t perfect enough. If adding one button for “locate me” in below of the “I want to find the weather for a city or zip code in _____ .” it would be great. Something like I think it would be nice. So much appreciate of developing this product. Hope to see it evolved in future.

    Hi Weather Atlas, I’m using this plugin for my personal travel blog(as a digital nomad). I would like to use this feature as a lead magnet. For example, when user visit my website. Automatic detect their location with IP address and give them the weather forecast.

    It’s going to works for my marketing strategy. I hope this will be implement soon. You don’t need to use GPS permission. All you need is just public information from IP address. Maybe placing this on privacy policy can be done right? Also, we will never store their IP address since this feature just to help my visitor to check weather forecast at thee same time I get visitor to view my new blog. It’s just detect their IP location base on their internet network to display the weather forecast.

    Serving one location can be very limited, weather forecast use in my use case I will use it as a traveler. I will frequence check the weather forecast base on my location on my own website with this plugin. But only one location feeling really meh, no point to just display only one location right? Better just remove it, something just redundant on my webpage widget.

    Question: As we use google analytics or any others tracking tools. They would also able to detect the user location. Do we really need to pop up to ask GPS location or specific permission?

    Another method:
    Also, if the permission is really required. Still can achieve it right? We use one location for weather forecast. But if they want detect their location forecast. Just place one button [detect my location with weather forecast] something like that, then they press the button sent an ajax request to update it base on their location and update the weather forecast location and information. Then, store it in cookies, when next time the same visitor visit again, don’t need to press the button again. Unless they move to difference location.

    In, I don’t need they ask for permission right. When serving the They will detect your location and show it at the bottom of their website.

    Just my 2cents, maybe it’s hard to implement this as a feature. But it’s nice to have this kind of function.

    Features request:
    Automatic Location Detection by User IP then user can Manually Search for Location by City Name. BOM, Display Current Weather

    There are some bugs exist in this plugin.
    1. The image displayed “image non existed icon” when importing the image.
    2. The image displayed “image non existed icon” on my website.
    3. Not all image served and and imported seamlessly as mentioned above.
    4. If I remove the image from AWS S3 storage (not from WP), the plugin won’t not detect it and reupload again. It will display as “image non existed icon” again.

    This plugin is really helpful, but too many bugs there. Will consider install again after new updates.

    (Additional feedback)

    After a few weeks of using/tested so much difference cache plugin. I would say this is the best and simplest cache plugin ever. Also, the support team is very helpful and responsive. Any issues will be solve quickly. Thanks WP Fastest Cache. This saved me tons of time!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)