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  • Hi everyone,

    (First, I also thanx for this simple and nice plugin 😉 )

    I can confirm on my offline dev website that when ReCaptcha is not valid, testimonial is submitted as draft though the error message is shown and no mail is sent…

    Notice: when I submit with a bad Captcha, the page is reloaded (no overlay error message) as it is when submission is OK but it shows the error message “Sorry, but there was a problem with submitting your testimonial. Please ensure…….” and the user is not redirected to the form to correct its mistake…

    Edit: I use WP 4.1 and Clean Testimonials




    Hi Greg,

    I also have this problem but:
    – On my dev site: I can download the database from my personal dev server with NO problem.
    – On my production site: I can NOT download the database from my web hosting provider always with the same error:

    Error downloading GeoIP database from: – Forbidden

    By the way, I can download the compressed file with this URL, so the “Forbidden” is not related to the URL.

    Both versions of my website are hosted with nearly the same PHP settings:
    – PHP: 5.3.28 (5.3.10 on my personal dev server)
    – WP Statistics: 7.0.1
    – PHP Safe Mode: No
    – jQuery Version: 1.11.0
    – cURL Version: 7.21.0 (7.22.0 on my personal dev server)
    – BC Math: Installed

    When I manually upload the extracted database (“GeoLite2-Country.mmdb” file) in the “/wp-content/uploads/wp-statistics” folder of my production site, WP Statistics loads correctly the database…

    I tried to change “/wp-content/uploads/wp-statistics” permissions, with no success! Even with “777”. This folder may not be the cause.

    It is a bit hard to debug because WP Statistics admin messages disappear too fast (less than half a second!). And I’m not sure to fully reset WP Statistics settings by disabling / uninstall / reinstall the extension…

    So I’m affraid I’ve got a permission problem with the temp folder that WP Statistics uses to download the GeoLite2-Country.mmdb.gz archive file. What is this temp folder?


    Yess! It works. At least with recent browsers: last FF 28 is OK, IE 10 is also OK, even the old Safari 5 is OK but my old Opera 12.16 doesn’t operates (no action on a click but with no errors). It is probably too old now for some JS ^_^ !! I can’t currently test with IE 11 and Chrome-based browsers but I thik it might also be OK.

    So, for me it is good 😉

    Thanx a lot!


    Hi Cais,

    Thank you for your reply, I’ve already done that on many of my website’s subpages.

    It is a bit hard for me to explain what I want in english and I apologize for that… So, let’s take an example:

    5 galleries:
    – “design”, containing 8 picts
    – “nature”, containing 22 picts
    – “people”, containing 20 picts
    – “road”, containing 15 picts
    – “sport”, containing 12 picts

    2 albums:
    – “home”, containing “design” and “people” (total 28 picts)
    – “travel”, containing “nature”, “road” and “sport” (total 49 picts)

    My goal is to show in one single page (the front page) last 15 picts of the album “home” (last 15 of 28), not the 15 recent picts of the entire NGG (77 picts; currently this option doesn’t care of galleries nor albums)…

    I thought it might be possible with shortcodes but I may be wrong, I don’t know. For the moment I will try to use directly the wpdb object method (or any similar WP method) to match my goal…

    Anyway, if anybody (including you 😉 ) has other ideas, I’m still “opened”…


    After closer investigations, there is an issue with the NextGen Gallery Powertags plugin… I deactivated this plugin and all Meta Datas are back!

    So this topic is marked as Resolved.

    I apologize for the inconvenience…


    @esmi > Even if I do understand the Forum Welcome, I don’t think that in these cases (and theses cases only) they have to create their own topics because all of their answers are related to the same problem. And you know how much it can be difficult to make fine searches here.

    However, as you asked to, I opened a new thread but you’ll see that in this case it is not a new problem, my new thread contains only precisions about the same issue… This new thread is here


    I forgot to tell that the option “target=blank” attribute is activated in the General EG-Attachments settings….


    Bulk Import metadata does nothing… All Meta Datas are already saved during upload. I did tests with a fresh WP 3.7.1 install, no other plugins and with all previous public NGG releases since 2.0.0 and here are the results:
    – From 2.0.0 to 2.0.21: Meta Datas are saved at upload and the Date/Time is correctly reported in the list.
    – 2.0.23 and 2.0.24: Meta Datas are not saved at upload, Date/Time report is the upload date. A bulk Import metadata does correctly save Meta Datas and reports the right EXIF DateTimeOriginal tag.
    – 2.0.25: the bug is fixed, Meta Datas are saved at upload and the Date/Time is correctly reported in the list.
    – 2.0.27: regression, the bug reappears as for 2.0.23 and 2.0.24.
    – Since 2.0.30: the bug is partially fixed: Meta Datas are correctly saved at upload but Date/Time report is the upload date. A bulk Import metadata changes nothing.

    Steps to reproduce:
    – Install NGG
    – Create Gallery
    – Upload Photo
    – Go to Manage Galleries -> open the created gallery and see photo information in the list.

    And as you asked me to do, I opened a Bug Report with my personal dev server details (because my website is still under developpement and it is not currently online)… I hope it is not a configuration problem with my server…


    Hi everyone,

    I also have the same problem: lots of lightbox-like only deal with the anchor title, not with the img title.

    By the way, adding a single image in a post already did the same in previous WP releases: no title is set for the link and we have to do it manually. The difference is that we can do it for a single image, it is impossible for a native WP Galley!

    So, I made a very dirty hook that I use in my theme’s “functions.php”:

    function add_img_title_to_anchor($content) {
    	/* Find internal links */
    	//Check the page for linked images
    	$search = '/<a ([^>]*?)><img ([^>]*?)\/><\/a>/i';
    	preg_match_all( $search, $content, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER);
    	//Check which attachment is referenced
    	foreach ($matches as $val) {
    		// Only if the Link doesn't already have a Title attribute, we work
    		if (!preg_match("#title=#", $val[1])) {
    			// Find all Link attributes and sanitize the Href att
    			$anchor_temp = preg_match_all("#([a-z-]+?)=(['\"]{1})([^'\"]*)(['\"]{1})#", $val[1], $matches_anchor);
    			foreach ($matches_anchor[1] as $key => $value) {
    				$anchor_atts[$value] = $matches_anchor[3][$key];
    			// Find all Image attributes
    			$img_temp = preg_match_all("#([a-z-]+?)=([\"]{1})([^\"]*)([\"]{1})#", $val[2], $matches_img);
    			foreach ($matches_img[1] as $key => $value) {
    				$img_atts[$value] = $matches_img[3][$key];
    			// Get the Image Title attribute and copy it to the Link attributes
    			//	Case 1. If Image Title exists we use it
    			if (isset($img_atts["title"]) && $img_atts["title"] != "") {
    				$anchor_atts["title"] = $img_atts["title"];
    			//	Case 2. If no we use the Alt attribute
    			else {
    				$anchor_atts["title"] = $img_atts["alt"];
    			// Rebuilt the HTML tags
    			$anchor_attributes = array();
    			foreach ($anchor_atts as $key => $value) {
    				$anchor_attributes[] = $key . '="' . $value . '"';
    			$img_attributes = array();
    			foreach ($img_atts as $key => $value) {
    				$img_attributes[] = $key . '="' . $value . '"';
    			// Replace the previous tags by the new
    			$replacement = '<a ' . implode(" ", $anchor_attributes) . '><img ' . implode(" ", $img_attributes) . ' /></a>';
    			$content = str_replace($val[0], $replacement, $content);
    	return $content;
    /* Apply the Filter */
    add_filter('the_content', 'add_img_title_to_anchor', 200);

    I’m not a very good dev, so use it, fix it if needed, improve it, modify it or whatever you want.

    I’ll keep track of this thread to see if someone has better ideas than me 😉 ..

    By the way, this lack of the title attribute in the tag associated to images is still a problem and I hope that someone will fix it. A way should be by an option in the admin panel to let us choose if we want automatic titles or not in the links for images…

    And WP native gallery shoud also have this kind of option, at least for manual titling… (And I apologize for my bad english)


    Hi all,

    If you still have this issue with last version of 2.0 NGG (2.0.31 at the time of my post), you can try to add
    height: auto;
    to your CSS, with or without any width rule. This solves many problems with IE 9 (mostly for responsive designs), but I don’t know for IE 10. Try this and see if it helps..


    Hi onyerleft,

    On the dev version of my website (that is not currently online), it works fine with WP 3.6.1 and NGG 2.0.30.

    By the way, my theme is based on the Twenty Twelve (WP 3.5), not the Twenty Thirteen (WP 3.6).

    Also check for issues with some other plugins: unactivate all other plugins except NGG and NGG Sidebar Widget and see what happens. If it works, reactivate other plugins one by one to find which one conflicts with NGG Sidebar Widget…

    And also the old and not updated AutoThumb seems to work correctly, though it doesn’t claim to do on its plugin page (known to be compatible only up to WP 3.3.2).


    Well, well, well….. I don’t know why the two last code sections didn’t appear correctly….. The CODE tags are here but the PRE tags are missing. Maybe a bug in this forum?

    I’m sorry for that :-/

    Hi steffanl (and hi bjorsq),

    These CSS rules are a good idea, this style is very nice 😉 ! But it is not compatible with the “Add media” button…

    So, if we want to use the “Add media” button, here is a variant: #wp-excerpt-editor-tools{
    	margin: 0;
    	padding-top: 5px;
    } .add_media {
    	margin-left: 5px;
    } .wp-editor-container{
    	border-left: none;
    	border-right: none;
    	border-bottom: none;
    	border-radius: 0;
    } td.mceIframeContainer {
    	background: #ffffff;
    .rich-text-excerpt div.rte-wrap {
    	padding: 0;

    No need to edit the /js/tinymce/themes/advanced/skins/wp_theme/content.css file, so it will be fine for further WP updates.

    A preview here >

    By the way, this CSS variant doesn’t hide the two “Visual” / “Text” tabs. This should be an option in the Rich Text Excerpts settings, if needed (and if it is possible).


    @roger > The line that you talk about doesn’t exist in the current ngg-nivoslider-widget.php (version 3.2.5)… By the way, there is a similar thing at line 261 but the change that you suggest doesn’t work.

    So the problem is still there when using TimThumb. Without the use of TimThumb, the NivoSlider widget works great…


    Hi everyone, hi Aldert,

    I also experiment the same issue, after updating my dev site to WP 3.6 and NGG 2.0… In the Opera console (and also in the Firefox Error Console), I’ve got lots of DOM errors like this:

    [08/09/2013 01:55:21] CSS – http://my_dev_site/
    DOM style property
    Invalid value for property: width
    Line 1:

    And errors are for width, height and opacity.

    By the way, I do confirm that the issue is related to TimThumb v2. When I disable the Resize option in the NivoSlider widget settings, Nivo works like a charm…

    Hope it helps 😉

    (I also hope that the future update will keep the “Crop and resize to best fit the dimensions” option… It’s my favorite one 🙂 .)


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