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  • nevermind, I did it again, and its working properly….sorry!



    Now I changed the limit=”5″ because there are 5 slides, and there is still only one slide on the page, and the arrows have disappeared!



    I just added more slides and the arrows are now working, but I still only have a single slide per page. there are a total of 5

    Thanks, problem is solved. really weird. somehow the WP settings got changed such that the page details were NOT displayed. Not sure how it happened. but thanks for your help.

    I am having the same problem.. the prices and descriptions don’t always get saved when I save them. worse yet,on the back end, (dashboard) the prices show up, but the front end (the page viewed by the customer, the prices show up!) to see the site, point the domain to and view the site. The dns is not updated because the site is not completed yet. The customer is still using the old Joomla site.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, yes I am on the front of the security learning curve….I have lots of things “set” automatically, but I have notifications sent to me for just about everything, as I find this helps me learn…
    So to recap, this is not amazon at all, but some bot hosted on AWS that is the culprit? Yes, I plan to both report and block it.

    The cause of my problem was different. I have 5 forms on the site and 3 were working fine, the last two were not. Since the forms are very similar, I was suspicious that I caused form 4 and form 5 not to work.
    Sure enough, the non-working form had a closing </div> tag that “closed”
    the very first <div> in the form. (I am using a responsive theme that is similar to bootstrap, so I need to divs and rows to create columns in the forms….) The closing div in the middle of the form was correct in the sense that it “matched” properly, but I suspect that contact form 7 decided this was the “end” of the form and the validation message was being put there – right in the middle of the form. Meanwhile, my screen momentarily displays the bottom of the form – no message appears and then I have the form set up to automatically re-direct to a paypal page to submit a payment, so I really can’t scroll up to the middle of the form to prove that the validation message is showing after that </div> without taking apart a bunch of code that already works. Moving the </div> to the bottom of the page seeems to have done the trick PLUS none of the other forms that were (and remain) working had a </div> in the middle of the form that closed the very first <div>. BY the way, the form has addition <div> that open and close throughout the form, I just think that CF7 may look for the opening form div to close to decide where the end of the form is. You could also solve the problem by using [response] where you want the validation message to appear.
    Good luck to all.

    I am having the same problem. If I add the [response] at the bottom of the form, I get the message, but I am worried that something isn’t right since the message shows on the other forms on the same site….Its just missing on the newest form, which is essentially a copy of another form on the same site with a few things tweaked. Help, what could cause the validation message to disappear?

    I tried to sign up to your list, but I did not get the “opt-in” email. It could be because the “opt-in” email is being blocked. The SPF system allows you to specify servers and IP addresses that are authorized to send mail from your domain(s). This feature works to prevent outgoing spam messages. If your hosting server is using “cpanel” there is an easy fix using the “email authentication icon in your cpanel. Go in there follow the instructions to set up the necessary SPF records to allow outgoing mail from all the hosts that have permission to send outgoing mail.

    If you are not using the “opt-in” then I’m sorry, I have no idea.

    I am looking for a plugin that produces a list of distributors based on zip code. I do not want the distributors on a map, I just need a list. Does anyone know a simple plugin that I can use?

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