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  • Oh, really?? Hmmm… That was what I was anticipating, but didn’t work out that way.

    More details about what was happening for me: When I had dataLabels (either on series or plotOptions.{type}) set-up in the theme, everything would be applied except enabled or format. Say if I had the dataLabels not enabled in the theme, but the box was ticked in the UI, the labels would still appear (and vice versa). Also, none of the formatting that I would detail in the theme would apply to the dataLabels, like {point.y}% or whatever. Likewise prob for the legend. I couldn’t get format to trigger from the theme or enabled to apply.

    All that being said, styles, alignment, etc. worked for those options, as well as everything else I needed to customize. Any insight would be cool (I’m not like an expert in WP, Highcharts, PHP, or anything really).

    Bottomline though: awesome plugin!

    I figured out my problem, just in case someone else overlooked this seemingly obvious problem (to me now):

    It seems my issue has nothing to do with the update, but that my users I was attempting to add were assigned with the Subscriber user role, which is not included in the Co-Authors query. Users must be a Contributor or above. I changed all my subscribers to contributors and now they all appear as a search result.

    In the past, I’ve used coauthors_posts_links() to wrap the links for styling. I’ve used this usually in a function.

    It has 4 options: between, betweenLast, before and after.

    In the past, I’ve done stuff like:
    coauthors_posts_links(',', ' and ', '<div class="all-the-authors">', '</div>);

    Something like that would get all the authors and print them like …

    <div class="all-the-authors"><a href="authorURL">Author One</a>, <a href="authorURL">Author Two</a>, <a href="authorURL">Author Three</a> and <a href="authorURL">Author Last</a></div>

    Hopefully that helps!

    Hi Tina,

    There are several other plug-ins that would be appropriate to add custom fields to user profile pages, just depends on what you need to do exactly.

    Advanced Custom Fields is a robust plugin that I’ve used the manage that.

    This was the problem. I hope it’s helpful to other people.

    could it be because some of the posts in this category are standard posts and some are image posts? Would this resolve itself once all my posts are properly labeled as “image or gallery” post types?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)